Sunday, September 27, 2009

2 dates in one weekend!

I am one lucky lady. I went with N to his 10 year college reunion this weekend. About a year ago or so he began a process to get his best friend inducted into the Hall of Fame for athletics. N rallied up the troops and obtained much support for his friend, who still holds the record for goals scored in soccer. BBZ stayed with N's sister overnight, and we partied it up like N and his friends did back in college. Well, the way I party these days, which doesn't even come close to the way it was 10 years ago. Nevertheless, we had a nice dinner at the alumni event for our friend and had fun afterwards. I admit though that I thought of BBZ and missed him like crazy as soon as I woke up. I left around 8:30am to head back into town.
So when I got back BBZ and I spent all day together! He is just so much fun to be around. It rained the whole way home and most of the morning, but the afternoon cleared up and we took a nice long walk together. And what better way to wrap up a good date than with a pasta dinner and wine?
And I have to point out the amazing smile on his face. I am one lucky lady...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Boy Z! You are 1 today!

I almost cried just typing that. I really can't believe it. One whole year.
From the moment I knew you were there, I loved you.
I looked forward to every chance I had to peek in and see you growing in my belly.
I dreamt about what you would look like, and what you would be like and couldn't wait to hold you in my arms. You were born at 5:02pm on 9/23/08. I never knew I could love someone so much. Weighing in at 8lbs, 9oz and 21 inches long. My perfect little boy. You were alert and interested in the world around you, even at just minutes old.
Your daddy was smitten at your first sight. He took this picture of you when you were 1 day old. At just 5 days old we went to our friend's baby shower. Look at you smiling in your sleep!
The first bath. You never cried harder than after that bath. I'm not sure if it was harder for me or for you!
I couldn't take my eyes off of my beautiful baby boy.
Your first smile was at a baby shower at work on 10/31/08. I finally caught this one on camera shortly after.
There's my baby's big smile! You are laying on the quilt Meme made for you, which is where you spent most of your time early on.
My little snowman! Such a cutie with those chunky cheeks!
Your first Thanksgiving in the far north!
Our first family photo and Christmas card picture!
I love your smile in this one! And the shirt is only slept when you were good and ready! Which was about 12 hours/night at 3 months old! We were seriously spoiled.
I love that big 'ol gummy smile!
The best Christmas present of all!
First day of school! 1/12/09
At 4 months you started sucking your thumb. I wasted lots of time worrying about how we would get you to stop. You quit cold turkey at 9 months old!
Like father, like son. How much should I bet that you guys are reading the articles?
My happy baby boy! You smile all the time. Everyone says how happy you are. I am so lucky to have you in my life!
Hanging in the sling, helping me make cupcakes!
Mmmm, first taste of rice cereal. You were not so sure about this. I tasted it and it tasted pretty gross. I think this was the first and last time I fed it to you!
Avocados were much preferred!
Bath time in the big tub! You splish and splash and love bath time! You are absolutely non stop. You try to stand and slip and fall and keep me on my toes! I love every minute of it...OK, maybe not every minute.
You hate getting dressed and getting your diaper changed! You love wiggling around and hate sitting still! I have to try new toys and other ways to keep you entertained long enough to get you dressed!
Making homemade baby food. Your absolute favorite is sweet potatoes, but other favorites are carrots, cauliflower and broccoli mixed with sweet potatoes. I love making it for you and definitely prefer it to store bought...and so do you!
In the laundry basket with your little gdiaper on!
You are so handsome! Looking just like your daddy!
My sleepy monkey. You would always fall asleep while I nursed you on the couch downstairs. You would wiggle and cry and let me know when you had enough. I hold you after you fall asleep and stare at you, wondering how I ever got by without you.
This was one of the first photos with my new camera! You are just starting to crawl and are getting into everything! I barely sit down while you move around and explore everything around you.
Your very first Cardinals game! As soon as we walked into the stadium Pujols hit a home run and knocked the "I" out of the Big Mac sign! We swear it was in honor of your first game!
I absolutely love the look on your face in this picture! You love that sippy cup, too.
Look at you pulling up on the furniture! You are growing up way too fast. Slow down, please!
You went through a phase where you insisted on feeding yourself with your spoon! You wouldn't use your fingers, but as soon as you saw that spoon, you wouldn't let me or your daddy feed you. A lot of it actually did end up in your mouth!
Your very first live concert! Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp! You had so much fun and stayed up to watch most of Bob.
At 9 months, you went into the hospital. It was the scariest week of my life. Thank goodness you were back to your old self in about 6 weeks.
Your daddy took this picture when you woke up from your surgery. While I would sometimes like to forget it ever happened, it did and it's a part of your life. I am so glad N captured this moment when my love for you was just pouring out of me.
You still look so much like your daddy! You 2 have something very special together. You watch wrestling on Saturday mornings and play with your guitars (Ba-bas) upstairs a lot.
Look at all of those teeth! And such a big smile! You are seriously ALWAYS happy!
Swinging in a neighborhood park. This was on one of our Wednesdays when I am off work and home with you. I love our day off! We sure have found some fun things to do together on our day.
I have a feeling you are going to kill us one day for this one!
You love your grandpa Z! He gives you those great whisker kisses! You tend to gravitate toward men, besides your mama. Daddy, Papa and Grandpa are your favorite people!
I think you look like your Papa in this one! It makes sense that you are holding a ball in this photo, because you always do! Bawl, bawl, say over and over! I love watching you throw it across the room and chase it. You have a great throwing arm!
Hanging with Papa!
You look so grown up in this picture! Where did the year go?
Look at those eyes! You are just angelic.
You fill every day of my life with pure joy. You added a new level of love between your daddy and me. I love you more than words can ever say, and I am having the best time watching you grow up. Happy Birthday, my little love.