Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tandem Bike Riding and a Lesson on Accommodations

Last week I had the pleasure of completing a visit to an agency I see at work which include a program where tandem bikers take off on their bi-monthly bike ride to a nearby park. The agency provides services to people who are blind or visually impaired. They have lots of adapted bikes where a person with sight sits in the front, and the person with the visual impairment sits in the back. It's a pretty awesome thing to see. N has been traveling a lot for his job, so I am often solo parenting a few days a week. Lucky for me I was able to bring the boys along to see the tandem riders.

I just love when I am able to show my boys how people with disabilities can do the same things as everyone else, just sometimes a little differently. On our way there we were talking about what to expect, and LBZ, who is 6, asked me whether or not people who are blind can work. We spent the rest of the ride there talking about job accommodations, supported employment, etc.

Yesterday at the dinner table, my mom (yes we had dinner on a random Monday!) told a story that a woman at Lowe's who helped them had a visual impairment, and she utilized a headphone set that read the words on the screen to her. BBZ, who is 9, looked at me and said "hey mom, that would be one of those...what are they called again?" "Accommodations." "Yes, that's it! That is an accommodation that helps her be able to do her job!"

So we were not only able to watch these folks with a variety of needs ride on the back of bicycles built for 2, but my boys became a bit more aware of what people with disabilities are able to do, with a simple accommodation.