Friday, April 26, 2013

4 and a Half. (and about a month)

About a month or so ago, my sweet BBZ turned 4 and a half.  Where has the time gone?  You are growing into such a lively little boy.  The toddler days of you are a distant memory as I watch you grow more and more into a little boy.

You say some of the funniest things!  One night at dinner, a kind (but a little creepy) waitress passed by LBZ and teased him and said "I'm gonna get you and take you home with me!". As she walked away you said "If she grabs him I'm going to elbow strike her!"  It was so funny. You just love your little brother.  Watching over him seems to come naturally to you.

You also said this while playing with some friends, "Guys, I'm just looking for a little excitement. And maybe even some danger. I am Batman, you know".

Everything is superheros.  Everything is larger than life and fantasy and the dreams of a little boy.  I just love it so very much, being your mama and watching you grow.  It is food for my soul.

One day while visiting Meme and Papa, you and your daddy were playing superheros.  You and he were superman and wonder woman and were married.  You were both running around and I think your daddy wanted to stop playing, so he said "that's it, I want a divorce!"  To which you responded by getting on the floor on your hands and knees and said... "ok, I will be de' horse".  It too had your daddy and me giggling for days.

You are certainly your own person, that's for sure.  These past 6 months have been full of extracurricular activities.  Tae Kwon Do and soccer to be exact.  You aren't in love with either, but you will at least participate in Tae Kwon Do.  You passed your first belt and this is your certificate.  You are so proud, even if it is upside down.

As far as soccer goes, you are not into it.  Last night, after you basically refused to practice, you finally told me that you don't want people to tell you what to do or how to play.  You just want to play.  When I asked you what you do want to do, you said you really want to take the computer class at school.  So that's the next plan for an extra activity.

So for now, it seems that sports might not be your thing, which is fine!  I just want you to find something that you love, whatever that might be.

You are still a serious snuggler.  You will fall asleep in your bed if I stay with you, but you still manage to crawl in bed with us occasionally.  But so does your brother.  I was in this bed with all of you boys just seconds before I snapped this photo.  How did I fit in there!?!

You took it upon yourself to crawl down and get to know your new baby niece.  You sure do love babies.  And baby girls especially.

You do have a new love of drawing and writing. It wasn't long ago that you didn't want to color. I think you had a hard time dealing with the picture you were drawing not looking on the paper the same way it did in your mind. You are able to draw more pictures now, so you seem to enjoy it more. And your brother is always close by you, wanting to be just like his big brother.

And reading.  Oh, how you love reading!  You are beginning to recognize some words, but more than anything, you love to be read to.  You will look at the pictures and imagine what the story is.  We read together every single night before bed.  I caught you "reading" by yourself one night and snapped the photo.  I love the way the light shines on your face.  Oh, how I love you so.

You and your brother and your daddy mean so much to me.  You are so much fun and such a challenge at the same time.  You teach me something every single day, and I am so happy to learn and grow from what you teach.  I can only hope that I am teaching you some things too.

I love you, sweet BBZ.  Happy (month after your) half birthday.