Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Big Brother Z is Six!

Well, another year has passed, and you, my sweet eldest boy, are growing up to be such a wonderful young man.

You have begun kindergarten.  Beginning school is something I have been thinking about for you since before you were born.  I wanted to be in a good district, so you could grow and learn in an environment that supported you and loved you the way we do at home, and I have certainly found it.

You have grown so much emotionally in the short time you have been in grade school.  Your teacher is kind and gentle, yet tough and has high expectations of you and how you behave while in school.  It has been a growing experience for me as well, as you move out of preschool and into the "real world" of grade school, where you will spend the next 5 years developing as a young man.

You fill my heart with such joy, my sweet BBZ.  You are kind and generous, and use your mind to think of things in such a special way.  Your brain is constantly thinking.  Constantly trying to figure things out.  And while we love to encourage you, you press one with or without our direction, as your curiosity guides your exploration.

You did't care much for soccer a few years ago, but your friendship with S in class has spiked your interest again.  We often play in the backyard, which has been so fun!  You also are a very strong swimmer.  We signed you up for swim lessons, and the teachers thinks you are ready for a swim team!  There's one at the community center, or one through your school district.  We've backed off of extra activities as you adjusted to your new school, but are excited to get those things going for you again soon.

Night time with you is our special time together.  You still like for me to stay with you until you fall asleep, and it is during this time that you confide in me about your hopes, your fears, and when we talk about what went well in the day and what we could do better.  This time is so precious to me.  I hope you always find a time in your day for this kind of connection for us.  It really means so much to me, my little love.

So happy birthday, my sweet big brother Z.  The past six years as your mama have been some of the best in my life, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My sweet LBZ, you are 3.

It's so hard to believe that you, my sweet littlest boy, are now the same age your big brother was when you were born. I cannot picture you as a big brother, which I suppose is a sure sign that we are, in fact, complete with our family of 2 boys.

Not that I don't think you would be a fabulous big brother, I'm sure you'd rise to the occasion, but you are a typical youngest bro, and fit into the role quite well. 

You are such a sweet and beautiful soul, Lu-bug.  I describe you as a big ball of blonde sunshine.  You are forever happy just to be alive.  You sing when you wake up, and talk to your stuffed guys as you fall asleep.  You have your moments of sadness, but you are full of positivity and light, and are an absolute joy to be around.

You say some of the best things.  Such as:

"I'm juss kidding"
"Well, that didn't work"
"You said the wrong word"
"Are you kiddin' me?"

Someone recently said that you talk as though you've been here before.  And that sure seems true.  You are an old soul, and will entertain yourself for hours playing with your toys.  You particularly love minifigures of any kind.  You like Dora and Diego, Handy Manny and all things boy.  Although you do love the color pink, which I think is wonderful.

You are a boy's boy and love roughhousing with your brother and your daddy.  You like wrestlers like Brock Lesner and John Sena, and really love music.  You love "Airplane" by Widespread Panic, just like your mommy.

Being your mama brings such joy to me, my sweet littlest boy.  You are my little sunshine, and I can't help but smile when I am with you.  Even when you are challenging, you are full of love for life and a zest I haven't seen much in this world, and I hope you hold onto that for your whole life.

I love you buddy.