Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It just keeps getting better. (and LBZ is 3.5!)

I often hear parents say that they miss when their kids were little.  I don't.

I love reminiscing about when they were small.  When they needed me so much.  When my breasts were their biggest comfort.  But miss it?  I do not.

Each time my boys do something on their own that they needed my help with yesterday, something inside me just bursts with pride.  Look at him!  I had to do that for him, or with him, just yesterday!  My boys are growing less and less in need of my help, and I love every single minute of it.

Because each and every day, life with our boys keeps getting better.

BBZ is so tall!  He is growing out of his clothes faster than I can keep up.  Something will fit him fine, then 2 days later, his little ankles are showing or his arms seem 3 inches longer.

LBZ is coming into his awn as well.  He sometimes becomes frustrated with himself, but with some encouragement, he will persist to master his challenges.  He is a sweet and simple soul.  He needs very little to feel fulfilled and satisfied.  I love that about him and hope that he continues to possess this trait as he grows into a young man.

BBZ is doing so well in school.  He qualified for the gifted program, and we are so proud of him. I know most parents want their child(ren) to be special and grow up to do wonderful things, and I suppose I do too, but doesn't that seem like so much pressure?  What I want for both of my boys is for them to grow up to be exactly who they are, and to be completely comfortable with that.  If BBZ enjoys the extra challenges the gifted program offers, then we'll take it.  He has been struggling with talking too much in class.  We hope that the extra challenges will help with that, but that's no guarantee.  We just keep pushing on, and are so proud of the young man he is becoming.

I love the way he shows his gentle heart and empathy for those around him.  We took a short weekend trip to the Lake of the Ozarks in February, and decided to hike near one of the caves before we took a tour.  As we walked down some stairs to the entrance to the cave, BBZ asked how people with disabilities would be able to access the cave.  I'm so proud of him for noticing that!  Then I explained that there are some places that just cannot be made accessible, and how disappointing it is that some people are able to enjoy this type of recreation and some are not.  Then we talked about another cave we visited that was accessible, and how people with disabilities can still do the same things we do, just differently.  Or in this case, at a different cave.

These boys.  They sure do have my heart.
We have been spending a lot of time outside.  I still haven't posted about my incredible love for running.  I'll have to get around to that sometime.  We just started a new challenge called 30/30 where we will hike 30 trails that should take about 30 minutes each scattered around our community.  The picture below is from our first one, which took much longer that 30 minutes with two curious boys in tow.  But we had a great time.

N loves to hike and be outside, so he was really excited about this challenge.  Spring is around the corner, and spending free time outside, unplugged and close to nature is such a wonderful way to stay connected to the Earth.

BBZ asked us on our way home from the hike, "why do people who are Jewish take their holidays so seriously"?  It isn't a surprise that he asks something like this, considering where he went to preschool and where I work.  Jewish holidays and traditions are about all he really has been exposed to since we don't really practice religion at home.  So I explained the Jewish culture, and also the importance of Christian holidays to those that practice them.  We talked about God, and nature, and encouraged him to continue to think about religion, and philosophy, and to always seek to answer his curiosity about why we are here, where we came from, and what we can do to bring positivity to the world we live in.

Then we listened to a great new song that thanks God for the beautiful world around us.  Or maybe that song prompted the question.  I can't remember now :)

These boys bring so much joy to our lives.  Seeing them grow is like happiness wrapped in a big present that I get to open every day, multiple times each day.  I get to see them do something new that they needed my help with yesterday.  What a wonderful way that is to spend this life.  And it just keeps getting better and better and better.