Sunday, September 23, 2012

Four Years Old.

Dear Big Brother Z,

Today, my eldest son, you are four years old.

It's hard to believe that four years have passed since you came into our lives. I don't really remember what life was like before you came along. I feel as though you have always been with me.

You are really coming into your own. I see your personality further developing and I could not be more proud of the kind-hearted boy you are. Your teachers say that all the girls at school like you and they think it's because of your kindness. That makes my heart smile.

You sure can be a challenge though. I know those times are just you exercising your independence from your daddy and me, and I try hard to stay patient and try to teach you about the world. You already have so much figured out.

I can't wait to see how your interests develop. I know you already have a story and I can't wait to see how it's written. Will you continue to love to swim? Will you excel at karate since you "want to be a ninja and save the world"? Will you like sports? Or music? Will you be a scientist since you have shown interest in experiments? Only time will tell, and while I wouldn't wish your youth away for anything, I am so excited about what the future holds for you.

You still ask me to stay with you in bed until you fall asleep. While I sometimes wish I could say goodnight and leave, that time at night is so precious to me. You like to talk for a while, then have me sing Three Little Birds, then lay with you until you fall asleep. You are honest and vulnerable at this precious time, and I learn so much about you right before you fall asleep. I wouldn't change it for the world.

You teach me to keep life simple. That nothing can cure hurt feelings like a kiss and a piece of chocolate. That I am getting older. That we all need to ask for what we want (like when you get in trouble and tell me "I'm so sad mommy, I need a hug").

You made us a family four years ago, and you continue to teach me about what is really important in life. I love you so much, BBZ.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Little Brother Z is One Year Old!

Dear LBZ,

One year ago today, my sweet littlest boy, you came into our lives.  I remember the day of your birth like it was yesterday.  I remember the way you looked with the bag of water still covering the right side of your face and head, the way your sweet cry sounded, the unbelievable feeling of accomplishment I had when the birth was over, and the way it felt to finally hold you in my arms.

You were the picture of perfection in this mama's eyes.  You were so soft, and snuggly, and my perfect little second born.  And have been a different mama to you.  I am more relaxed.  I am more comfortable.  I have done this once, and I was so much better prepared this time.

You were such a happy baby.  I complained about your sleep, but overall you have always done fairly well.

It was crazy when you found those fingers!  I still can't believe you would just fall asleep on the floor.  You were never reliant on me for falling asleep.  At times you were, but it was rare.  You have spent your first of many years being our Mr. Independent.

That fuzzy hair was just to die for!  There is a small part on the back that still stands up, but not like it used to.

Oh, those eyes!

You are walking all over our home.  I can't believe how fast you mastered it.  Two weeks after you took your first steps you decided that walking would be your main mode of transport, and you do it well!
You have a great vocabulary already.  You say milk, mama, dada, brother, bottle, ball, more and bye-bye.  You have a temper too!  You throw things when you are mad and throw yourself on the floor when you are frustrated.  We might be in for it with you and that temper.  We shall see :)
You hold your blanket so softly to your cheek when you are tired or feeling snuggly.  You still suck your 2 fingers on your left hand a lot.  It's starting to drive me crazy, but I know it will likely work itself out.
You eat an unbelievable amount of food.  You love fruits and veggies and just about everything else I offer you.  Tuna, turkey, hummus, peaches, pears, apple slices, fish sticks and crackers are just some of your favorites.  Watermelon is probably your absolute favorite food.  That's one reason why I made you the cake I did.
You also absolutely love your bath.  The other night, we were in the great room and I asked if you were ready for your bath.  You waddled all the way back into the bathroom and looked at me pointing and saying "bat, bat, bat!"  It was so cute.  We also sing a "bye-bye water" song when it's time to get out, so when I push the button down to drain the water you start swaying back and forth and singing "ba-ba, ba-ba".  I so look forward to your bath time!
You also LOVE your daddy.  You run to him when he comes home from work and pat his back when he picks you up.  You walk around the house saying "da-da, da-da" wondering where he is.
You have brought so much joy to our lives, sweet baby Lu.  You have made me question so much about myself as a mother and have helped me grow, just in one year.  I am so looking forward to what the future brings and can't wait to watch you and your brother grow.
I love you so much.