Monday, May 27, 2013

A good ol' fashioned update.

I have not felt like blogging at all lately.  Totally uninspired.  Totally busy living life with my family.  Kissing my husband.  Loving on my boys.  Struggling with what the future of my career holds.  Just living.  You know, l.i.v.i.n.g.

But I really want to want to blog.  I have 2 somewhat serious posts started in my drafts, but I just cannot seem to finish them.  But I want to.  I want to have my words written for my boys as they grow.  I want to have information about what they were like as I look back on their early years, which are flying by faster than I would have ever imagined.  And we are loving these two boys of our.  So much.

The weekend kind of started on Wednesday.  I sat down with the boys and made their end-of-the-year teachers gifts.  I was going to but something, but then I saw this cute idea on Pinterest and figured we would stick to home made.  BBZ wrote letters on the back of his to his teachers, and LBZ drew some pictures on the back of his.  They were fun to make and turned out pretty cute!

Thursday night we went to a MLS game at Busch Stadium.  It was absolutely awesome.  I love soccer anyway, and the energy in this place was incredible.  We planned to have N's sister watch the boys, but my parents decided to come in town, so they stayed with the boys.  It was a great time, but Friday was rough for me :)

Friday we had a quiet night at home.  We brought in pizza, played video games and spent time with my parents.  It was a great Friday.

We also walked to the playground on Friday.  It's so nice to have one so close to our house.  LBZ and his Papa sure have a special relationship.  He wanted his Papa all weekend!  When he woke up this morning, he actually asked for Papa to come in and get him.  It was actually quite nice, since it was 5:45am.  Luckily, my dad wakes up really early!

Saturday morning after breakfast, my parents went to visit my grandma, so N and the boys and I took off to the garden.  Lu has the best little smile right now, where his eyes are squinted and his teeth are all's the cutest.  This is my attempt to catch it, but instead he just said "cheese!"

This one likes me to think he's as sweet as can be, but I know better :)

I caught it!  I can't get over the cuteness of this super-duper smile.

The obligatory photo on the carriage outside of the children's garden.  Spiderman style.

LBZ loves water.  Anything about water or swimming or splashing has his name all over it.  I really had to explain to him that he couldn't go into this water.  He was so disappointed.

So when we got to the fountain, which was on even thought it was quite cold, I had to let him play.  Of all the days I forgot a change of clothes, it had to be today.  So I had to strip him down to his diaper and save his clothes for after.  He started shivering and still did not want to leave. 

On Friday, N and the boys took my parents to see the new Lego store.  BBZ was so excited to show off the new store to my parents.  When I got home from work, there was this cute sign that says "a gift for mama because she is so pretty" with a treasure map on the back.  Hidden in BBZ's closet was this Lego, which I have wanted for years.

I was so excited!  But I also knew that it would probably take a while, so I didn't start building it until LBZ's nap on Saturday.  Then I opened it and realized that it didn't have the numbered bags like thy usually do.  1300 pieces and no rhyme or reason to the way it was organized.  It was tough, but I figured out a system.

I got a ways through it, but I couldn't work on it all day and I couldn't leave it out on the table since we had to eat dinner, so I stacked the bowls up and put the bigger pieces in a bag until later.  Then I was up until about 11:30pm and decided I really didn't want to stay up all night, so I saved the rest for Sunday morning.

So I finally got the whole thing done!  This guy loved it, but I guarantee it will not be downstairs with the other Lego's for him to play with.  This one is going on a shelf.

I finished it in time to get everything ready for our Memorial Day BBQ.  Most of our friends were out of town and others bailed, but we had fun anyway.  N set up the hammock he got for Christmas and BBZ had a blast.

We all did, actually.  It was a nice and relaxing place to swing and to snuggle.  Even if he didn't cooperate with the self portrait attempts.

These boys.

They played hide and seek with our friend, Ben, and LBZ didn't quite get the memo of how to play.  He kept yelling BBZ's name and telling Ben where he went.  It was pretty cute.

BBZ needs to work on his hiding skills, for real.

This is Janelle's surprised face.  LBZ took this one.

Everyone is snoozing.

Today we decided to go to the Gypsy Caravan, which was awesome even though it was a little hot.  I bought this cool necklace.
Then I did a little shopping and got everything ready for school tomorrow.  The boys rough-housed with N and we had BBQ leftovers for dinner.  Then we decided to have some family time and games.  And wine.

This cutie won.  He is currently cheering for himself.  "Yay!!!"

Don't you just love the 'A Beautiful Mess' app?  It's pretty fun.  So tomorrow is a new day.  The boys are each starting in their new classrooms.  BBZ is worried.  LBZ is clueless.  And I'm worried too.  I know they will both be fine, but none of us handle change as well as I wish we would, but we do our best.
LBZ is counting.  Well, he has 1-2, 1-2 completely down, then he will skip to 7-8-9, which is so sweet to hear.  He loves elmo and "mon-ter" and has been going to sleep at nap time without rocking.  He loves being outside and is beginning to hit, even though we are trying to prevent it.  He is a handful, and we love every minute of him.
BBZ is doing so well.  He is curious and smart and is figuring out this world more and more each day.  N told me the other day that he is able to figure out the challenges that the video games present to them faster than N can figure them out.  It makes me happy that he is using his mind during those games and not just playing a game for no reason.  He is pickier than he used to be, but will still eat fruit all day long if we let him.  He is stubborn and a little dramatic, and we are loving watching him grow.
Overall, things are amazing.  We are just living our lives and watching our wonderful boys grow.  I do have some deep thoughts I would love to share, but for whatever reason, my dedication to blogging is taking aback seat.  I am confident that it will return though.  Especially because of how much I enjoyed typing this.
Have a great week, friends!