Monday, September 23, 2013


Today, my sweet BBZ, you are five.


I don't think I could even imagine you as a five-year-old when you were born, and here you are.  Five.

While I sometimes miss when you were little, it isn't anywhere close to how much I enjoy watching the new things you learn to do.  You are growing into such a wonderful young man.  Look at all the letters you can write!  I'm such a proud mama.

You watch our for your brother, and have moved into your role as big brother very well..  You stand up for him, and make sure he is taken care of.  It's so fun watching you guys play and interact together.  I sure hope you will always be friends.  Or at least friendly to each other :)

You still love everything Lego.  You eat a variety of foods, you love fruit and cold veggies with dip.  You speak your mind and stand up for yourself.  You love superheroes and like to play Legos downstairs.  You like bath time because you can wear your goggles and pretend to swim.  You like Tae Kwon Do ok, but would prefer to play without anyone telling you what to do.  You are your own person, that's for sure.
You love your computer class and tell us you don't want to go to college.  We ask what you do plan to do, and you're not sure.  You don't miss a thing and ask 100s of questions.  I like it.  It's like a peek into your curious little mind.
I think we might be past the worst of your toddler behavior {knock on wood}.  You still get angry at times, but you are becoming much more skilled at managing your own emotions.  Listening to directions from us is a struggle, but we are working on it.
You now keep your bed dry almost every single night.  We have to go in and get you up after you've been in bed for an hour, but it works.  It's funny because you are often so out of it that you don't remember us getting you up!
You bring so much joy to our lives, sweet BBZ.  You made me a mommy five years ago, and we've been in this together ever since.  We challenge each other and help each other grow.  I know I am learning so much about the person I want to be from you, I can only hope that I am doing the same for you.
I love you, BBZ.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Today, my sweet littlest boy, you are two.

I'm not sure where these two years went, but I do know that I have loved (almost) every minute of it!

When I talk about you, I describe you as a little bundle of blonde sunshine that walks around and lights up every thing around you.  It is truly wonderful to be your mommy.  I cannot believe I get to have that job.

You are so sweet and sensitive.  Your feelings get hurt so easily.  I struggle with finding the balance between helping you learn that the world isn't really the happiest place you believe it is, and wanting to help you hold on to that reality for as long as you possibly can.

One of your teachers called you inspiring.  She said that she isn't sure if she wants children, but being around you makes her want to.  It was such a meaningful compliment she gave you.  You are kind and generous to other kids, and adults.  When you hear someone cry you talk about then feeling sad and ask if they want a hug.  You have such a sweet nature.

One thing that surprised me so much about you is how independent you are when going to bed.  You occasionally let me rock you still, but when you are ready for bed you just wave and say "bye-bye mommy".  That is not what I am used to!  You recently moved into a big boy bed, and it is going so well.  You usually stay in your bed until someone comes in, in the morning.  You'll wake up and lay in your bed and just sing and is such a lovely sound to wake up to.

You do have your moments of unhappiness, but they are very, very rare.  It almost always happens at night. You cry at night sometimes and we just bring you to bed with us.  You tend to sleep horizontally across the top of the bed though, which makes it hard to share our bed with you.  We make it work when we need to though.

Some other things about you:
You love trains.
You love to sing the ABCs.
Your favorite letter is W.
You can count to eleven. 
You repeat absolutely everything. 
You say, "come on, guys!" A lot. And can do "fums up, guys!" while holding two thumbs up.
You have a huge sweet tooth and love "fweezer pops".
You love to talk about papa and meme, as well as gramma di-di and papa z
You say "thank you mommy you're welcome"
On the way home from school today you said "look mommy, I see moon outside my window."
You often say "hmm, lets see" with your hand holding your chin as you make a decision.
You sing in your bed for up to 45 minutes before falling asleep and in the morning when you wake up.  You are so content to just entertain yourself, especially in bed.
You call your brother "I-Zat" and you sure do love him a whole lot.
You love to cause trouble at the dinner table.  Especially since refusing to sit in a high chair.

You have a big heart, my sweet Lu-Lu.  Watching you and your brother grow brings your daddy and me such joy.  We just smile along with you and are trying hard to raise you well.  I worry about you and your kind heart, but I know that the world needs more people like you and your brother.  I'm watching the baby years melt off of you as you become more and more the little boy you are destined to become.

My heart is happy, sweet LBZ.  I love you so much.