Sunday, February 27, 2011

A quick video

I haven't posted a video of my little man in a it's about time!  Bathtub is a fun time in our house, once he gets into the tub anyway.  He tends to forget that he has a good time and proceeds to fight me every single time about getting in there.  But then again, he fights about a lot of stuff these days.  That's my Mr. Independent!  Here he is, singing his ABCs.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why I still fall asleep with my toddler.

This is a bit of a follow-up to this post where I share some advice that I received about babies/toddlers and sleep.

I mentioned yesterday that while BBZ was going to sleep, he referred back to earlier that morning when he "tried underwears and peed in my pants".  Which actually happened twice.  He has shown little to no interest in the potty until now, besides a few times a long time ago.

So his recent interest has been exciting, although we certainly didn't expect perfection.  Right now I just hope that he is learning what it feels like and will soon realize that he can actually control his bladder.

So anyway, when I was laying down with him last night and he said this to me about his accidents earlier that day, I could tell that it was troubling him.  I reassured him that accidents will happen and it's ok and that we will just keep trying and that he needs to be patient with himself.

What's so interesting to me about this, is that if our routine was that I walked into his room, gave him a kiss and walked out (which I often wish I could do) I would miss this sweet part of his day.  When his defenses are down and he is honest with me about what is on his mind.  At no other time is my toddler interested in talking this deeply with me.

Tonight after we finished reading books and he snuggled in with me, he started talking about himself as a big brother.  He said that he plans to "wock the baby when she cwies" and that the baby will want to "snuggle wif me too!"  He now calls her a her all the time and refers to her as his baby.  I tried to explain that she is all of our baby, but I just gave up on that conversation.  She or he can be all his if he keeps being this sweet about it.

So I would be missing all of this that is on his mind.  He would be laying in bed processing this on his own, without any talk back from me.  Not that it would be the end of the world, I'm sure he'd be fine, but I sure love having this little window into the deep thoughts of my 2.5 year old.

My mom pointed out to me how precious this is for us.  Now I have no idea how long he is going to want me to do this, but I am positive that when he is in high school he will want me no where near his room, so I am going to take this while I can.  Tonight he also told me that his baby will keep growing and growing and then she will be "teeny tiny again".  We told him that the baby would keep growing in my belly and when the baby is too big for my belly it will come out and be here with us.  I'm pretty sure that's what he was talking about.  He then said that he is also going to get bigger and bigger and just keep growing.  And I said "until you are all grown up, just like your daddy."

And then I said "and mommy will be so proud of you".

And then I wanted to cry.

I am not sad that he is growing up.  I love every single moment with him and while I loved when he was little, I love the little person he is becoming and tonight I got a glimpse into what kind of man he will become.  It was a precious moment in time for me, that I never want to forget and wouldn't change for all the sleep in the world.

Maybe I'll sleep again one day, but for now I wouldn't change a thing.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Not Me! Monday

So it has been quite a while since I hopped on this confession train.  MckMama is in Africa right now, and she hasn't done a Not Me! Monday in a while either, so she may not even really do it anymore.  But I have to give credit where credit is due, so you must know that I did not come up with this concept, MckMama did.

I did NOT not (does that mean I did, I don't know) eat any vegetables this weekend.  That's right, NOT one.  Since this pregnancy, I have NOT nearly gagged at the thought of swallowing things like broccoli, which was once my very favorite vegetable.  This does not further convince me that this is a girl, especially since I craved veggies and fruit with BBZ.

I was NOT completely relieved when I found the pregnancy journal from BBZ and discovered that I am actually 5 pounds lighter than I was at this time with him.  Considering I feel fat (and not PHat or sassy) it was great to know that I might not gain the 50 pounds I did with him.  Lord help me.

Upon opening my Fruit My Cube from BBZ's school fundraiser tonight, I did NOT find an orange called a "blood" orange.  Having never had one before, I did NOT wonder slightly before eating it if it would, in fact, taste like blood.  That would be silly.  Of course it would taste like an orange.  Duh.

While working on potty training this weekend, BBZ did NOT pee in his underwear early on Sunday morning.  Since we had a very busy day Sunday, this was NOT the only opportunity he had to try staying dry.  When I was laying down with him to go to sleep, he did NOT say "I tried undewears and I peed in my pants."  I did NOT proceed to tell him how ok it was and that practice makes perfect and he just needs to keep trying.  He did NOT do it again tonight.  Sigh, at least he will actually put the undewears on!  Baby steps.

After going all day without showering, I did NOT turn to N before my parent's association meeting and say something along the lines of "do you think they will excuse my messy non-showered hair if I put on sweats and pretend that I just got done working out?"  Then I definitely did NOT put on such attire.  Since BBZ's school is also a fitness center, they surely would NOT be fooled!

Ah, that felt great.  So what have you NOT been up to lately?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A few of the many reasons why I love my little boy

* I left work early one day last week because of a threat of an ice storm, and as I pulled into the driveway, I noticed that the driveway was covered in a thin sheet of ice.  Knowing that N usually gets the mail when he gets home, I stopped the car at the end of the driveway to get the mail.  As I stepped out, BBZ hollered out the window... "be carefwol on the ice, mom-mie".  He is so thoughtful.

* He says randomly "I wuv you mommy" all. the. time.

* He absolutely loves to snuggle, even when he's not sick!  "I want to snuggle wif you on the towch, mom-mie!"

* For the most part, he does listen very well.  He gets the occasional voice raise to get his attention, but considering he is a 2-year-old little boy, he is extremely well behaved.

* When he wakes up in the morning he comes to our bed and snuggles for a while until we get up.  He will often pick up my arm and say "I wanna be in there, mom-mie" and cuddle as closely as he can into the nook of my arm.

* My mom caught him playing with the new play house she bought for him that came with a mom, a dad and a baby.  He has a little Lego guy that he calls BBZ (it's actually his real name obviously) who was apparently playing his part during this play time.  My mom over heard him say "you're such a good big bwover BBZ."  Melt my heart!

* He calls his cloth diapers "mommy diapers" and the disposable one he wears at night "daddy diapers".  This tickles me because N puts the cloth ones on him just like I do!  I have no idea how he came up with that one.

* He plays with my ear lobe when he is trying to relax either on the couch or at bedtime.  I remember doing the exact same thing to my dad when I was little.  Typing that just made me a little teary!  Do you remember that, dad?

* He insists on having fruit snacks in the car on the way to daycare.  Considering this makes him move remarkably faster during this tough time of the day, it is a trick that I do not mind continuing :)

My little boy makes me so happy.  He makes me smile every single day.  Even when he tests my patience, he does it in the most loving and sweetest way.  He is one amazing little boy, and I can't wait to see him be the best big bwover in the world!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Holy Pooch! This belly is huge!

Ok, so I totally know that many women show quite early during their second pregnancy...but this is ridiculous.

This is me, exactly 10 weeks pregnant with BBZ

Umm, yeah.  That cute little belly has been gone for a very, very long time.  Even after BBZ when I weighed less than I did in this photo thanks mostly to lots and lots of breastfeeding, my belly just never looked the same.  How could it after this.....

(me at 40 weeks pregnant.  And he was in there for another full week!)

And this is me, exactly 10 weeks pregnant with what should be called the largest second baby known to man. 
(at least that's better than the largest belly pooch known to man)

I really don't mean to complain, it just surprises me that I am so much bigger than I was at this time with BBZ.  I didn't wear any maternity anything with him until about 12 weeks, and this time it's been since about 7 weeks.  I'm right in between where my clothes are too small, but most of my maternity is too big!  Oh well, I'll be wearing the same few outfits to work for a while.  All of my clothes are for the spring and summer too, so I'll have to get creative with some tights and sweaters to get me through!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thinking about Gender

Reasons I think that this baby might be a girl:
I've had that feeling since I peed on the stick.
The stick I peed on was pink
*They* say that female sperm live longer than male sperm
My libido is shot (poor N)
I've had at least 2 dreams that it is a girl
BBZ keeps calling the baby "baby sister"
My all day sickness is 10 times worse than with BBZ
I have gained 5 pounds already and let's face it, only a girl would do that
We basically already have her name picked out.

Reasons I think it might be a boy:
I feel like I might just be destined to have 2 boys
We want to name him after my paternal grandfather's middle name, and since BBZ is named after N's paternal grandfather's middle name, that would be cool.
Umm, I think that's it.

I guess this is what some people call a "no brainer".  I was truly convinced that this is a girl, until we decided on a name for a boy.  Not that the name is completely decided or anything, but it does make the fact that this could be a boy a little more real.

I really don't have a preference this time.  I wanted a boy SOOOO terribly badly when I was pregnant with BBZ, that even if I tried to say that I didn't care, part of me would have been a tiny bit disappointed if he had been a girl.  Only until they put her in my arms though, I am sure.

But this time?  I really don't have a preference.  There will be wonderful things about either one.  I would love to help my little girl plan her wedding one day, and maybe pass on my love of breastfeeding to her and her children, should she decide to have them.  And breastfeed.  But you know what I mean.

I would also love to say things like "the boys".  I have everything that a little boy needs, and since this baby might be born in September like BBZ, unless his size is completely different, all of the clothes I already have would match the season.  But oh how much fun would it be to use BBZ's clothes to make butterfly appliques and ruffle buts on some cute girly clothes!?!

So while I still have the feeling deep down that this is a girl, there are many things I will be excited about if it is, in fact, a boy.  It might take a while to teach BBZ to say "baby brother" though.