Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What. a. day.

My not-so-good day started when I headed out of the office for a home visit and lunch. I had to stop off at the post office to mail my nephew his birthday present. It cost $27 to mail the package I mailed. Yes, I said $27. I bought the box on Sunday because it was the only choice at Walgreens. N is out of town and I realized that the box was so big it was literally impossible to take the box and the baby into the post office at the same time. So I figured I would stop on my way to my home visit this morning. $27!!! That is $9 more than I paid for what was in the package. This was just regular mail too, it will still be late even after paying that much. Note to self, do not buy the next size box just because it is convenient. When left the post office I drove toward my participant's house (aka the 'hood). As I am driving there I realize that I have my purse with me. I never bring my purse with me to the bad neighborhoods, but seeing as how I had to go to the PO to mail the package I had to bring it. I also realized about this time that I am headed to the building where a colleague from another agency called and warned me that a co-worker of hers had her car stolen from in front of the building at like 10am. I've been there since then and told myself everything would be fine. I pulled up on the side of the apartment building and saw a large group of men gathered in front. I do not spook easily, but something just wasn't sitting right. I drove off and called my participant and rescheduled. Better safe than sorry. So I didn't get to do what I needed to, but I figured maybe I would treat myself to lunch since I was near one of my favorite Greek places. I got a yummy gyro and was happy that it didn't take as long as usual. This Greek place is near my house so I drove back to the office the way I drive to work everyday. Thanks to the closure of a very huge interstate, this includes driving through a famous city park including a fabulous, and free, Zoo. Apparently every single effing person in the city was headed to the Zoo at the same time I was cutting through the park. It took me 45 minutes to go less then 2 miles through the park. I actually tried not to let it bother me. I figured that I got to enjoy a nice quiet ride through the park on my lunch break. How nice. Right. So when I finally got back to the office I parked in the street in front of our building like I always do. I got out and headed toward the door. A lady in a scooter was riding by and I looked at her and smiled with my yummy gyro in hand and she looked at me and said "you know it's pretty rude to take up 2 spots like you have by not pulling forward or backing up". I looked at her and said that I park here every day. She said she knew that (I guess she saw the work logo on my shirt) and she kept riding to the front of our office. What the heck? I park that way because the stupid people who don't want to pay for Science Center parking squeeze so close to my car that I have to do a 17 point turn to get out of the spot! And who the heck was she to tell me how to park!?! This is when I realized that I guess I was a little more irritated by the traffic than I realized. I brush it off and head inside really anxious to eat my yummy gyro. A very kind, but very chatty man I work with walked in and began to chatter about something that I really didn't understand. I tried to kindly ask him to give me some time to relax after my busy morning and come back later. He got the hint and I started heading toward the bathroom to wash my hands before lunch. On my way I see my boss who says that one of my other participants is in the front and wants to talk to me. She can see on my face that it is not a good time and says she would ask him to give me a few minutes. I walked to the bathroom and as I was walking out I see my participant in the hall! My boss was great about explaining that I was in the middle of something (in the bathroom I guess) and asked him to give me a few. I told him it was not a good time and asked him to call me later. I felt pretty bad about this later but also a little annoyed that he just showed up and expected me to drop everything to deal with his situation. I still called later and apologized. I walked back to my office and ate my long-awaited gyro from the Gyro House. Yum. About an hour later I pumped and did something I was always afraid I would do. I spilled my liquid gold ALL OVER MY DESK. Yes, not only did my son's lunch for tomorrow drip sadly onto the floor, but it also covered my desk, my chair and me. Boo. So to help myself bounce back from my pumping catastrophe, I jumped back into the many phone calls I had to finish today. I ran to the copier and on my way back caught a glimpse of delicious looking M&Ms in a jar on someone's desk. I am not the type to steal other people's candy, so I got a dollar out of my purse and headed to the snack machine to settle my craving. They didn't have regular M&Ms, which is what I really wanted, so I settled for the peanut. I watched the M&Ms start to move as the silver spinny things turn and experience the same anxiety I always do while I wait and wonder if my days sucks so badly that the candy will get stuck in the machine leaving me stranded and forced to take out my anger physically against the machine, but my luck had changed. The peanut M&Ms dropped down successfully. Behind the very bag I purchased sat the only bag of regular M&Ms. Ahhh, the irony. I considered getting another dollar and buying the ones I really wanted, but I just stuck with the peanut ones. It's amazing how little things can make or break your day. BBZ must have had a rough day too because he crashed when we got home. He fell asleep around 5:15pm and I woke him up around 6pm thinking that I really didn't want him to be in bed for the night. He woke up in the best mood and he ate some apples with rice cereal and some cooked pieces of carrots. We played his new favorite game ba-ba-ba -ba, which involves him strumming, yes strumming, a ukulele while singing ba-ba-ba-ba. A North Mississippi Allstars song came on the we just had to dance to so I whisked him up and started spinning with him around the room. He put his thumb in his mouth and snuggled into my chest in a way that he only does when he is really sleepy. He patted me on the shoulder and I felt him *say* how much he loves me. He is just amazing. What. a. day.