Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Showing some gLove to my gDiapers! A sweet deal for buying g's!!!!

For those who don't know, I use gdiapers with BBZ. They are a 3-piece cloth system with a cute colored outer cloth with a plastic-free pant that snaps into the pants. Until today, gdiapers only offered flushable inserts for the diapers. I am pretty handy with the sewing machine so I made my own inserts to put into the snap-in liner. Well, today gdiapers launched a lot of new stuff!
First they have launched gcloth, which are cloth inserts like the ones I made for my g's. This is very exciting for long-time users of g's who aren't as sewing savvy as I am. The inserts are a little expensive...$30 for 6 of them and I spent about $50 and made about 50 for me and for my friend, Laura. This is still pretty cool though.
Second, and most importantly, gdiapers is having a contest! Each gmum and gdad (any gdiaper user who signs up to do free promoting of gdiapers throughout their communities) was given a personal code to pass out to their friends. This code gives a person $30 off of a new 6-pack of Everyday G's, which is originally $70. If 10 people purchase a 6-pack using my code I get a $100 gift card to gdiapers.com! I plan to buy a 6-pack of large because I know BBZ will be in larges eventually, and at this price you cannot pass it up! Just to compare, Whole Foods sells the gdiaper starter kit for $24 and that comes with only 2 gpants and 10 flushable refills. This is 6 gpants for $40! This deal cannot be passed by!
All you have to do is go to gdiapers.com, add one or more 6-packs to your cart, enter the code and click redeem...it's that easy!
Even if you just wonder what they are like, you should buy a 6-pack, and if you don't like them, the contest only goes until 7/31, so after that the packs will be the regular $70, so you could even sell them on eBay and at least make your money back if not more! This deal can't be beat!
So here is my personal code:
Remember, only 10 people have to use my code for me to get the $100. If I get the most people to use my code I could win a trip to Portland, OR! And just look how cute they are!