Monday, June 15, 2009

CCM, an irrational fear and "I tee tee tee"

Back in January I applied to sit for the Certified Case Manager exam. In order to sit for this exam, one must be certified by another governing body (in my case a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor CRC) for at least 2 years. My 2 year mark of having my CRC was in September, so my first opportunity to take the exam was in April. I paid the whopping $300 to take the exam, and I got my results today and passed! I was a little worried about this exam because when I went to study for it, the exam website said that it is practiced based. This basically means that the questions on the exam should be familiar to me because of the work I do. So I really couldn't study for it, I had to just take it and hope that I know the information from my job experience. I also had in pre-approved from my work to be reimbursed, so that means $300 is coming my way! WOO HOO!
When N and I moved into our house, he had just graduated with his MBA. He framed the diploma and hung it up in the bathroom. He has also taken lots of exams and has lots of framed certifications related to accounting, internal auditing, and finance stuff. I shared the bathroom with him for 3 years before I had a diploma or certification to add to our bathroom wall. Wondering why these sought-after papers are in our bathroom? I asked N the same thing! He likes the irony of it. Makes sense to me!
So anyhoo, see the empty space right above the top diploma? That is where this new CCM is going. That is it's new place on the wall. For everyone who comes to our house to see. While they pee.
Can you see the yellow sticky notes on the frames? This is to hide my identity from the blog world. Most people who read my blog know who I am, but I admit that I have a fear of something, who knows what, coming from strangers knowing my and my family's names. Maybe someone could steal our identities? Maybe they could see BBZ's pictures and try to come steal him. This is completely unreasonable and quite irrational, but better safe then sorry!
I actually have lots of irrational fears. I stumbled across Mama M's blog and saw one of her posts labeled "Irrational Fears" and knew right then that she and I had a lot in common. From worrying about dropping BBZ as I walk down the stairs, to being nervous carrying scissors or a knife in the kitchen because I could drop it on him while he crawled around, to my fear to give him any food that isn't mush because he could choke, to my all-time worst fear...getting into a bad car accident, these irrational fears creep up at odd times and often disappear just as fast. I try not to let them influence me too much, but at times I cannot rationalize and succumb to the fear. I actually faced one the other day and tried giving BBZ a piece of my bagel to chew on. He sucked on it for a while and the started gagging and barfed all over the place. So he is back on the mush. I have actually given his school permission to try new foods with him because while I am worried about his choking I also worry about not giving him the opportunity to try foods that he should be trying. I guess I figure they have more experience and know what he should and shouldn't be able to eat.
So anyway, enough about that. BBZ talked again this weekend! We were sitting upstairs in the rocking chair in his room and our cat, Bill, walked in like he always does when I am in there. BBZ saw him and said "I tee tee tee" (Hi kitty kitty kitty) which is what I say to Bill every time I see him! He loves his tee tee and follows him all around the house. He is so good at pulling up it is crazy!
I recorded a video of him in hopes of catching him pulling up, but no such luck. He does it all day, but as soon as I get the camera out he keeps his bum on the floor. I'll try to link to it anyway, because it is a good video! Stay tuned for that. He loves the coffee table and has bumped his head way to many times, but I guess that is part of growing up, and of being a boy especially. He's a little explorer and is seriously all over the house. Last night he found the wine rack, which I was hoping he would just not be interested in, who was I kidding!