Sunday, June 7, 2009

The end of the weekend (aka the start of the week)

What a weekend! I am proud to say that hardly watched any TV this weekend! Our friends had their bachelor and bachelorette parties this weekend, but I opted out for many reasons. No sitter, not enough breast milk for 2 days, the awkwardness of pumping on the river (it was a float trip) and the general anxiety of being away from my little guy for 2 nights helped me decide to sit this one out. N has filled me in on the happs from the guy's side, I'm (im)patiently waiting for pictures from the girl's side. I recently heard that the only difference between a bachelor and a bachelorette party is the camera, and that is so true. My husband is usually the camera man in this house, but even he leaves the camera at home for a bachelor party.
So BBZ and I had the house to ourselves this weekend. Back to the TV, we put pillows in front of the cable box and receiver as a deterrent of little boy hands, which makes it impossible to change the channel. I found it easier to have music on then getting stuck watching something that came on after something else, so I just left it off. It's not like I watch it anyway with BBZ now on the move. He doesn't stay in one place for very long, so I find myself up and pacing around the house as he explores. He is into EVERYTHING!!! I hate to tell him no in his world, I try to take all of the dangerous stuff away so he can wander freely, but I still need to stay close because of his constant curiosity! I love it! I walk into a room with him and watch his eyes as I hold him. He skims the room and I know the second he centers in on something. He starts wiggling like crazy in an anxious fit for me to put him down, and as soon as I do, off he goes!
Friday we hung out at home and put our jam jams on early...he is so cute!
He definitely kept me busy this weekend. My friend and her little boy met us at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. It's free for residents of the city and county before noon, so the whole morning was free! If I had thought to bring a PB&J it would have been completely free, but we ate lunch there. Next time I'll pack a lunch for sure. Here's BBZ while we waited for our friends...

He didn't keep the hat on at all.

Here he is watching his friend feed the fish!

I'm planning my friend Laura's baby shower so my other friend Toni came over to help. It was so fun! BBZ slept for a record 2 hours after our active morning, so we had a lot of time to get things done. Laura plans to use gdiapers like I do, so my gift to her is to make cloth inserts like the ones I made for myself (don't worry, I'm not giving it away...she already knows I am making them for her) So Friday night after the little man slept I cut out all of the material for them, so Saturday night it only took 2-3 hours to sew them all! I couldn't believe how fast it went!

I missed N like crazy and am so looking forward to spending the evening with him! And a glass of wine, of course.