Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Way back When-sday!

Remember this post about BBZ's first Cardinal's game? Well this photo was taken at the Cubs/Cards series in 2007. In the next 6 months or so, 6 of the 7 girls in this picture became pregnant. The girl in the middle we just met this day because she was dating the guy who came in from out of town. The other 6 of us who became pregnant are pretty good friends. It was really great having so many girls pregnant at the same time! The next pic was at my baby shower. We are missing just one of the girls who lives in Chi-town and couldn't travel during her pregnancy. J on the far left had her little one first, who is 13 months old today! Next is me, B in the middle was due 2 days after this picture was taken and had her little boy on the due date! Flat Foot Floosy is next who had her little girl exactly 1 week after M who is on the far right. So many babies!
Here we are at Christmas in 2008. We always host the Christmas party and in 2007 there were 2 kids and in 2008 there were 7! Would have been 8 if our friends from Chicago could have made it. Our house is not huge and our whole foyer was filled with car seats!
Here are the little ones now. Our friends from Chicago came in town last night and 5 other families were able to come over on such short notice. We are missing 2, but it was hard enough trying to get all 6 of these kiddos to look in the same direction, 2 more would have been tough! While pregnant we all knew how much fun our get-togethers would be as the kids got older, and it is already true. It will just keep getting better as the babies grow and start toddling around. How fun!