Monday, May 25, 2009

BBZ's very first Cardinals Game!

Our friends came in town this week for the Cubs/Cards series. This tradition started a few years ago and hasn't happened every year, but N tries to schedule it with our friend, Cory who comes uin town from wherever he is living at the time. For a while it was Denver, now he is living in New Mexico. This was some of us in 2006...
This was 2007...

And here we are in 2009...

It was a bit different this year for many reasons. We got seats this year which was a first...we usually got standing room only tickets, which I actually prefer. We couldn't talk to each other as much as when we are all standing in a group. Plus we didn't get the cool group picture like we have the last few years. The other difference is that we have a baby this year! This was his first game and what an exciting one it was! Just as we sat down, Pujhols hit a home run that knocked out the "I" in the Big Mac Land sign! The whole place went wild and we saw firwworks and everything! BBZ was a little scared by the loudness, but otherwise he did great considering the game started at the time he is usually in bed. Check out the pics!

A few tears as he fought a nap on the way to the stadium

He needed some comfort from his thumb when we first got there

He warmed up and seemed to have a great time!

Go Cards!!!