Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crawling, sippy cup and in bed by 6:15pm

So apparently learning a new skill takes a lot out of a baby. He's already working on the army crawl, then I go and throw a sippy cup into the mix. He was pretty pumped about some water with dinner...see?!
So here he is all tuckered out. This was taken at about 6:15pm. I made him put his jammies on early because I had a feeling this would happen. He was peaceful for about a minute and a half, but by the time N grabbed the camera he was politely asking (I mean quite obviously demanding) that I take him to bed. He was so tired!
I guess all this new stuff takes a lot out of you. I'm ready for a quiet night too. I have just 2 work days then Wednesday off! I originally thought I had Mondays off because I couldn't have Wednesdays, but it turns out I can after all. This is definitely my preference. I am so excited for my first week as a part-time employee! I have way too much planned for Wednesday though. Hopefully I can get at least some of it done!