Monday, May 18, 2009

New digital camera and waving "Buh-Bye!"

I haven't had 2 posts in one night ina while! I was having dinner with my friend, Laura and her husband in Saturday and as I was feeding BBZ he looked up at us and started waving...see !?!

I grabbed my camera because his teachers had been trying to teach him to wave and I was so excited to actually see it for myself! Plus, I just bought myself a new digital camera and had it right next to me to catch moments such as this. It takes great pics...check this one can even see the big drop of drool getting ready to fall off of his chin. This camera rocks!

So after dinner we were sitting on the couch and BBZ was on my lap. I was sitting next to Laura's husband, BBZ looked up at him, waved and said: "Buh Bye!" He spoke his second words! He has been babbling Da-da for a while now, but this was the first time he said something completely intentional. It was so cute!

On Sunday we were at our friend's son's 1st birthday party and I was telling my friend's mom (who is also my mom's very good childhood friend) what BBZ said the night before. I said to her that the next step is to get him to say it at the right time, like when we actually are going bye-bye. As we were leaving we walked through the back yard, past my friend's mom and as we were saying goodbye, BBZ waved and said: "Buh-Bye"! It was so exciting!