Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Waaaaay back When-sday!

My neighbor and very talented photographer, Nikki, recently took family photos for some of her clients. One was of the back of a couple walking in a beautiful outdoor scene. Check it out here. It reminded me of this picture:

This was taken of N and me while walking down the streets of Memphis. We met almost exactly 1 year before this photo was taken and were celebrating our one year anniversary by seeing Widespread Panic at the venue in Memphis. We always stayed within walking distance of Beale Street, so this is us, heading to a bar. I love this photo. Memphis has been our place since we met in 2002. We have gone back to see Panic every year except last year. I guess a lot of things change when you get married and have a baby. We planned to go to Memphis in May, but the bands weren't really worth the money and the drive.

I think Memphis will always be our place. I'm sure we will take lots of vacations there, and maybe even see Graceland some day!