Friday, May 8, 2009

A "Not Me!" Post too good to wait for Monday

So I am breaking MckMama's rules and posting this today because it is just too good to wait for Monday. Yesterday I did NOT go to dinner with N and BBZ at a restaurant on one of the 10 best streets in America (according to the American Planning Association) and eat outside on the sidewalk. I did NOT witness the poorest effort I have ever seen displayed by a person without a disability trying to lead what I believed to be a blind woman down the sidewalk, into the street to avoid a sidewalk blockage, down the rest of the sidewalk. She did not allow this woman to face plant into a light pole right in front of me. I did NOT think it was my duty (wearing my work shirt or not) to walk up to this pair, ask if I can show them something, and proceed to show her how to appropriately lead a person who is blind. She did not laugh at me and say: "she isn't blind, it's a surprise!" Oops. I did NOT shutter in complete embarrassment and decide to show them the easier way anyway so she would not run into anything else and their visit would be safe and fun for all. I did NOT justify this as saying she should have had a blindfold on so people would know she wasn't blind, nor was I at all embarrassed by my assumption and later regret for not minding my own business. I am way too confident and sure of myself for that! Good thing none of this happened and I didn't tell everyone at work about it. There's no way they would call me a crazy advocate and laugh hysterically. That would just be aweful!