Monday, May 25, 2009

Our trip to the far North

This Memorial Day weekend we drove to the far North to visit N's family. Both of his parents grew up in the farm land of southern Minnesota, and one of N's mom's sisters was celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary. They were actually surprised by the entire weekend, which was carefully planned by their 4 children. It was a great time and a fun road trip for us. Check out the pics! BBZ's first trip to a McDonalds. It was a nice family-friendly place to stop so I could feed and change him. We put his PJ's on hoping it would help him sleep the rest of the trip, but he was pretty fussy about having to be in his seat for so long!
I think Ronald McDonald has a new friend! This is BBZ and N's cousin's daughter (BBZ's 2nd cousin???) isn't she gorgeous?! Even BBZ can't keep his eyes off of her!
He did pretty good at the luncheon, but now that he can move around he wants to be all over the place! We had to pass him around and take turns holding him because he got so restless. He also refuses to fall asleep with me holding him anymore. This is a good thing at home, not so good anywhere else. Oh, least he naps in the car!
Look at him just dying to get down!
Checking out the cows with Grandpa Z at the Z farm. Great Grandpa Z is 70-something years old and still working the farm.
I think he is ready to help Great Grandpa Z!
BBZ's cousin has a picture every year on this chicken, so the tradition has now been extended to BBZ.
Great Grandpa Z dug this hole and BBZ and Grandpa Z thought it was the perfect play place!
My mom and dad were in Minneapolis for a wedding and drove down to see us at the hotel. It worked out so well to spend some time with them and have breakfast! What a family-filled fun weekend we had!
Will he play baseball or soccer? Hmmm...maybe both!
The 3rd part of the anniversary celebration was at a beautiful park near the town where N's family grew up. We took a nice walk with his cousin who took this lovely family photo. It was such an amazing weekend!
We left the far north around 5pm last night and got home a little before 1am. BBZ woke up once around 7pm so we stopped, ate dinner and stretched a little bit. The rest of the drive was nice and easy for him since it was dark and he slept the whole time. When we got home it was pouring down rain. I hate driving in the rain, so it was nice that we came home yesterday since it has been so rainy today. When we walked in the door I started to go upstairs to look for the cat. I see broken glass all over the floor and water marks on the wall where the stairs lead up to the second floor of our house. I got kinda of scared thinking that someone broke out a window or something and the rain came in. I kept walking up to investigate and I when I turned on the lights I realized that N's gallon glass bottles of home made beer are sitting near the railing that overlooks the downstairs. Apparently, from what we can gather, one of the gallon glass bottles exploded sending beer and glass all over the walls, the stairs, and all over the place. We had the thermostat set at 77 degrees, but maybe it got super hot and the bottle reacted. Who knows, all I know is we picked up the big glass off of the floor and saved the clean up for today.
N went to the store and got some good floor cleaner and cleaned not just where the beer spilled, but ALL of the floors! I sort of cleaned them a few weeks ago, but this was with a scrubber sponge and a bucket and everything! He is the BEST. Especially since BBZ is crawling all over the place, but hasn't quite figured out how to lift his tummy off of the floor. So his tummy gets REALLY dirty when he sits up!
Tomorrow we are back to the grind. But then I get Wednesday off! WOO HOO!