Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday!!!

While cleaning the kitchen and putting groceries away, I did NOT eat the rest of the cookies in the Soft Batch cookie package to make room for the other groceries. My pantry is not that small and I have plenty of room in my cabinets for all of the healthy food that I always eat.
I did NOT take a huge drink out of the milk container to wash down those cookies that I didn't eat and justify doing it by saying that I'm the only one who drinks milk in my house anyway!
I did NOT spend $56 on a new side mirror for my car following this occurrence. I was not excited when I saw it only took 3 screws and a fuse plug to install, which I was NOT sure that I could replace myself. I did not spend an hour on the Internet trying to learn how to remove the door panel of a Nissan Xterra. I did not try for a while to remove the panel and give up because I didn't want to break my door. I am NOT not happy that I will have to pay the guys down the street up to $75 to replace the mirror. Boo.

I did NOT use disposable diapers all day on Wednesday at home because a really cute pair of shorts are too small for BBZ with the cloth, but fit perfectly with the disposables. I love the Earth, I would never take a short cut for fashion purposes.

I did NOT think it was a great idea to wait to rinse the poopy diapers until wash day (3 days worth). I did not have to scrub extra hard and get poop all over my hands, and I certainly did not seriously consider never cloth diapering again.
Ahhh, that felt great.
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