Monday, June 8, 2009

My very own Mr. Wonderful

Mama M over at My Little Life is hosting a contest for the Wonderfulest Mr. Wonderful, and I am entering N! I would never pass up an opportunity to brag about my Mr. Wonderful!
As cliche as it sounds, he really is my very best friend and my favorite person! I love being around him, chatting with him, hearing about his day, and just sitting near him, not saying a word.
He calls me. A lot. He calls on his way home, if he's 2 minutes away, and even on his lunch break or in the middle of the day, just to say hi. When we first met he was going to school and he would call me right after class as he walked to his car. I love it and always have.
He loves his dog. She is like his daughter and daddy's little girl. I sometimes hope our next baby is a girl just because of the way I know he loves his little puppy girl, I can only imagine how much he would love a baby girl.
He loves to go for walks. He always encourages BBZ and I to accompany he and his little girl on their walks. He talks about his job, his worries, how his day was, and asks about mine and really listens. It is a very special time where we imagine what things were like in our neighborhood years ago and how they will be years from now. He loves our neighborhood as much as me and thinks it is equally as cool as I do that our BBZ will go to the same elementary school that my grandfather went to. We value the diversity and love city living.
He is smart. Not just smart like some people are smart, but smart in ways I can't even understand. He always has 2-3 books that he is reading at the same time that are likely much thicker than any of the school books I had in middle school. His knowledge of business and finance answers many of my questions, especially those that arise from working in a not-so-business-like environment. I seek out his wisdom and knowledge and value his opinions.
He is politically very different from me and will spark debate on subjects about which we don't agree. He kind of taught me how to debate. We used to fight during our debates until he explained that he will almost always take the opposing side just to have a good discussion. He has asked me before, how much fun is it to sit and agree with everything all of the time? It could get boring.
He volunteered with the Special Olympics with me when I needed him to. This may not seem like a big deal, but as a former fraternity brother, volunteering with people with special needs often becomes a big joke, but he was genuinely interested and gave it his all while there with my participants.
He empties the dishwasher. This is huge as it is my all time least favorite chore.
He loves music. He needs music like the rest of us need air. We have many stations in our house where a huge variety of music can be played with the press of a button. He stocks my ipod full of great music every now and then and always takes me to great shows here in town. He gets a look on his face of utter peace and tranquility when he hears a guitar solo and is the only other person I know who loves to hear guitars sing like I do.
He completely melts when he sees his son. He is an amazing dad with a connection to his little boy that I will happily never understand. He misses us when he is away and shows us in so many small, sweet and tiny little ways. I love him more than ever and although marriage is hard sometimes, we are in it together and work hard to keep it positive and adventurous! He is my very own Mr. Wonderful!
And one last thing...he buys me flowers for absolutely no reason.