Monday, June 1, 2009

It happens every night...

I swear, every night. I pick BBZ up from school, cook dinner, eat dinner, play, give him a bath (not every night) and put him to bed. Things are a little crazy here in the evening, so I am often anxious for him to go to bed so I can get all of my many things done for the next day, and to have some time to myself. He goes to bed and I get everything done, then it happens...I miss him like crazy! I can't wait until tomorrow to see him again and pick him up when he wakes in the morning and start another day of adventures with him.
He is growing up so fast. I know I say that a lot, but it is so true! Last Wednesday I bought him a few new toys because he was getting sick of the old ones. I went to Once Upon a Child (my favorite store in the world) and spent about $20 on some very nice new-to-BBZ toys including one of those ones that babies walk behind. N worked with him all day showing him how to pull up and helped him walk behind the toy. When I picked him up on Thursday his teacher at school said he pulled up on various things all day! I almost didn't believe her, but I came home and sat him down in front of this toy and sure enough, with me holding on to the front of it he pulled himself up to the standing position!
Once this happened on Thursday I said I have to lower the crib before he pulls himself up because he could easily topple over the top of it if I'm not careful! So yesterday, after saying I meant to lower the crib for 3 days, I watched him on the video monitor wake from his nap and STAND UP IN THE CRIB! I ran up there and got him out worried that he would climb out! I don't think he would have, but you never know! So I lowered the crib to the lowest setting as soon as I changed his diaper after that nap...who knew I only had 3 days!
This really shows how fast he is growing up. The next step with the crib is the toddler bed with the bed rails! I am not ready for that. Hopefully he won't be too much of a climber and we can leave the crib as a crib for at least a little while!
My parents were here all weekend and are leaving tomorrow for the far, far north. It was so great to see them. I sometimes forget how great it is to see them. I am looking forward to the time we can have a casual dinner in the evening. Someday soon I hope!
So you know how I said I spent $20 on new toys? Well, apparently there is plenty of stuff lying around the house that doubles as toys that BBZ much prefers over the store-bought stuff...the last one is a happy scream. I promise.