Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me! Monday

When all of the babies came over this week and were crawling all over the floor, their little toes did NOT get the blackest I have ever seen. I did not think that the dirt was from when they were outside, only to later discover that the black dirt was NOT from my floors! Eeewww, that would be so gross and unclean. I would never let my child and other people's children crawl on a dirty, I mean absolutely filthy, floor.
In my fit of embarrassment and panic over my swiffer wetjet no longer doing the trick, I did NOT find a post on my gdiapers yahoo group about this very subject. I did not find out that many moms have this same problem. I also did not get some great ideas for natural cleansers that are better for the environment and for my baby.
I did NOT forget to kiss BBZ goodbye when I left him at his aunt's house this weekend. I did not get half way to my friends' wedding before I realized it and I certainly did not almost turn around. I definitely did not think about it all evening and wish I had turned around. I did not rock him for an extra long time when we got home to make up for it.
That's NOT it for tonight. I am not so tired I can barely finish typing this. I have everything done for tomorrow and get to sit on the couch and play on the computer all night! (That is NOT still part of the Not Me post!)
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