Sunday, July 5, 2009

Almost everything I have done since my last blog...

It's been almost a week, so here it goes! This week I...
Worked a 2-day work week.
Visited with Laura and her little munchkin.
Got my car washed and tipped the guy very well since it hasn't been washed since BBZ was born.
Missed my husby like crazy while he was out of town for work.
Got a taste of what it is like for single mommies.
Finalized some details for Laura's baby shower.
Took BBZ to his first concert...John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan.
Held BBZ in my arms and danced to Bob Dylan until he fell asleep.
Nursed in public with no worries.
Didn't have to pump for 4 days!
Unplugged for 48 hours! No TV, phone, computer or Internet.
Drove to Nikki's farm for the weekend.
Took BBZ swimming in the lake.
Got my feet taken right out from under me by a very excited dog...while holding BBZ in the sling! Don't worry, we are ok.
Ate lots and lots of delicious snacks including, but not limited to, German chocolate cake, a cherry pudding dessert, 3 or maybe 4 chocolate muffins, 2 chocolate chip muffins, pop tarts, and bacon-covered Imo's pizza.
Camped successfully with a 9 month old in a tent. Luckily the tent is big enough for his playpen.
Enjoyed a great round of karaoke with N and his blues songs and a top-notch version of "Bust a Move". Seriously, I wish I had my video going.
Found a new home for Quincy. If you don't know who Quincy is, don't ask.
Was super excited for the fireworks, but disappointed that N had to work at setting them off rather than sitting back and enjoying them with us.
Knew BBZ would wake up when the fireworks started, but didn't expect him to fall asleep in my arms while they were still going off!
Was very happy that Delilah did not get into any fights this weekend!
Used disposable diapers all weekend.
Gave BBZ watermelon and pulled pork...I am slowly getting past my fear of him choking.
Got tickets to see The Allman Brothers and Widespread Panic in Chicago for my birthday!
Made babysitting plans for the night so BBZ can come with us...many thanks to the Powers family!
Took some great photos, but I am too tired to post them. Okay, okay, but just my 2 favorite ones...