Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Friday!

So things are getting better and better. I took BBZ out yesterday because he seemed to be as ready to get out of this house as I was on Wednesday. It was weird taking him out though. It seriously reminded me of when he was little and I was nervous about how he would do. Would he cry the whole time? Would he need to eat? Is it too much for him? And of course, he was fine. He sat in the Target cart and took in everything around him. We also went to visit N at work. The elevator at his work had a mirror on the door just like the one in the hospital, and I wondered as he looked strangely at himself if he remembered being in that elevator just 5 days ago. I know he will not remember this on a conscious level as he grows up, but I wonder if he remembers it now, since it was just last week. His naps were a little better yesterday, and he only got up once last night at 1am. Things are looking up. My Le Leche League meeting was last night and I was unsure if I was going to take BBZ or not. It starts at 6:30pm, which is pretty much his bedtime, so I always make it a game-time decision. He did go to sleep right at 6:30pm, but my mom was here, so I went to the meeting alone. It felt very strange being there without him since the whole point of going is to have a comfortable place to bring your baby, but I must admit, it was nice to have their support without having to keep track of BBZ. The ladies were so concerned and supportive of me and BBZ. One of the leaders even said that her 3-year-old refused to take his pacifier at around the same age as BBZ. She said one day he just wouldn't take it anymore. She remembered feeling like I do...that it is a good thing, but how do you satisfy his desire for the paci if he won't take it!? It was just nice to hear that this does happen. You always hear about parents who have to do all kinds of crazy tricks to get their kids to give up their paci or their thumb, it was nice to hear that sometimes they just give it up for no reason at all. I know I will look back and be so happy that he quit sucking his thumb now! We took a walk today up to BBZ's school. His primary teacher won't be there next week, so that sucks, but his other teachers will do great, I am sure. He seemed a little confused at first and was very snuggly with his primary teacher, who he loves very much. He eventually played on the floor with his friends and seemed to do OK. I took the bandage off of his incision today and showed everyone what it looks like. It is bigger than I thought it would be and I wonder if it will continue to grow with him or if he will keep growing and it will stay the same size. Either way, it is healed, which is symbolic of this whole situation. He has more healing to do, but he is stronger and stronger everyday! My dad is on his way here from the far, far North right now. He is driving here both to see BBZ and to pick up my mom, who has been here since last Wednesday. Her being here has been wonderful! It makes me wish she lived closer, but grateful that she is able to drop everything and be here when we need her to be. BBZ is napping now, which was harder to get him to do than yesterday, but easier than the day before. I'm sitting in the living room with the windows wide open and the breeze blowing my hair. It is 72 degrees and absolutely zero humidity, which is extremely strange for my part of the Midwest. This weekend is going to be gorgeous and I can't wait to spend most of it outside!!!