Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coming home from the hospital

These were taken on Day 4 (Monday). We knew he was feeling much better when he stayed sitting up when we sat him this way. He still needed us to be nearby, but his strength was slowly coming back!
I love how he has his legs spread in this picture! I'm sure it was so he could hold himself up. Plus he has the cute little Elvis lip that he has been sporting since he stopped sucking his thumb. It's Tuesday morning and still no sucking!
N was an amazing photographer during this whole ordeal. He took the picture on this post that has become one of my very favorites. I think I wanted to pretend this never happened and N wants to remember it as part of his life. I think he has the right attitude. Such a little trooper! He likes to play while I am holding him because I think he is still a little sore.
Home sweet home!!!


  1. What wonderful pictures. SO glad you are home.

  2. He looks like such a big boy in these pictures. I'm happy you are home now. His girlfriends want to come see him this week, but we will wait until you are all up to it. Especially little man. I don't want him to get too excited, the little one is pretty good looking ~*WINK*~

  3. What other kid is this cute while in the hospital and in pain? He is the best!

  4. he is getting so big. love you, glad you're home and he's doing well.

  5. I am loving his elvis lip! I am so happy he is on the mend!