Monday, July 13, 2009

N's email to Mr. Redlegs

Dear Reds, On July 11th, Mr. Redlegs visited St. Louis Childrens' Hospital in St. Louis. My nine month old son was a patient on the children surgical floor. My son had had surgery the day before and the morning of the 11th he had a mild set back that concerned my wife and I and the surgeon. Unfortunately, right as we were discovering this Mr. Redlegs strutted into our room. Under normal circumstances our son would have loved to see Mr. Redlegs, as his favorite toy is a white and red baseball that resembles the mascot's large head, of course his ball does not have facial hair, but its hoping to grow some soon. Mr. Redlegs was just a victim of unfortunate timing. We wanted to apologize to Mr. Redlegs as I am sure he felt uncomfortable as no one acknowledged his existence. Which is quite striking considering the awkward absurdity of man with a giant baseball head standing over my son's bed between an emotional wife and concerned surgeon. If it was a Youtube video the hits would have been in the millions. Luckily everything with my son turned out great and he is recovering well. Looking back on that moment, it gave my wife and I a constant moment of laughter over the next few days. So even if Mr. Redlegs did not cheer up my son, he did cheer us up and for that we appreciate his effort. It will make a great story some day to tell my son, although he is still a Card's fan at heart. I mean we have Albert Pujols and you don't. Of course I will tell him that Eric Davis was a Red first and Cardinal second. Not sure if it is possible, but I would love to purchase an autographed photo of Mr. Redlegs to hang in my son's room so we an always remember the day the abnormally large cranium mustache man in a baseball outfit visited him in the hospital after his surgery. Thank you.