Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pictures fom the hospital.

Day 2 (Saturday), his many stuffed friends were watching over him while he slept.
His first drink since Thursday morning. He overdid it just a little.
This is what happens when you overdo it... When the tummy finally settles, you get to snuggle with mommy and read a very strange book about Sloths. And try to play your ukulele, but it's so hard!
Day 3 (Sunday), yes I do realize I have the same shirt on. Give me a break, I haven't been home since Thursday morning. He loved playing with this straw...
And thought it was hilarious to turn and put it in my mouth! Yes my friends, that is a smile on his face! We sure missed that!
There is that talented Ukulele player!
He smiled, giggled, ate well, held all of his food down, pooped a lot, and slept at his regular nap times. We are so ready to go home! We'd love to tonight, but I think tomorrow is more realistic. We can't wait!!!