Sunday, January 31, 2010

Now we're talkin'!

So the week has been pretty darn good, I must say.  BBZ has bounced back amazingly and I can hardly believe how much he is talking!  He's always been a little chatter box, but I swear he hasn't stopped talking since we got home on Tuesday!  I'm not sure if this is because he can hear better with the tubes or because he is just feeling better overall, but whatever it is, it sure is fun!  Here are a few new words...

Delilah - he used to have a way he said this that let us know what he meant but didn't really sound like her name, but now it is clear as day.
Appy - Happy, his new favorite video that has "when you're happy and you know it" on it.
Na-na - Banana
Meme - for my mama.  She LOVES it!
Pees - Please, but he only said it once just a few hours ago
tchit-in - Chicken
tchur-ky - Turkey
Die-ter - Diaper
Rash - Trash, we still use disposable diapers at night, so when I change him downstairs in the morning he likes to throw away the diaper.  I changed one of his cloth diapers today and he held it up and said "rash!" and I had to show him where the cloth ones go.  I sure hope my cloth diapers don't end up in the trash!
Weeeee, when we talk about swinging
Fwower - Flower, when he sees one on his DVD

These are the ones he says over and over, and he is also really repeating anything we say to him.  He will go on and on about who knows what and every now and then I will recognize a word and think I know what he is talking about, then he loses me again.  He is just such a sweet boy!

He woke up this morning with a runny nose, but he seems to be feeling ok otherwise.  They are just little germ magnets!  He picks up every single little thing around.  I guess that's just a part of it.  I just hope these tubes really help him avoid those ear infections.

He also hit me in the face, hard.  I don't remember what I said, but he was sitting on my lap and I apparently said something that he didn't like and he hit me.  I guess he knew as soon as he saw my face that he had done something wrong because I think he made the sad face before I even had time to react!  I sat him on the floor and said "we do not hit" and walked into the other room.  He sat there for a little while doing the cry, hiccup, cry, catch his breath, and cry some more thing.  After about a minute I went in and picked him up.  He laid his head on my shoulder and we talked about why we don't hit.  I guess it worked, he hasn't hit again!


He did bite a child at his school.  Ahhh, well.  He is still as cute as can be, and he knows it!  When he does something naughty and N or I get after him, he gets this super-cute look on his face and waves at us saying "hi, hi, hi!"  Little stinker.

In other news, I got to see my friend, Laura, twice in one week!  This is huge for us because we just don't get to see each other that much anymore.  Her little girl is almost exactly a year younger than BBZ and we are all busy with our new little families.  She is now off on Wednesdays (like me) so we spent some of the day together.  BBZ was so cute with her little girl!  He kept leaning down in her face saying "hi baby, hi baby" was so cute!  Plus he was really gentle and sweet with her.  Makes me want another one!  Ok, not really.  Not quite yet anyway.  Here are some pics of the two of them...I took them with my new phone so they aren't the greatest, but they'll work!

I thought he was interested in her, but as soon as Laura picked her up, he did this...

I guess he was just waiting his turn!

For those of you who have known me a while, can you believe I have a child and am thinking about another!?!  I have been thinking lately about my journey to parenthood and think it deserves a blog post.  That should be coming soon.  Happy Sunday!