Sunday, January 17, 2010

Catching up

Home with BBZ because we are always home on Wednesdays.  Our refridgerator stops working. We put everything in a big tub on the back porch since it is 30 degrees outside. Our freezer contents go into our new deep freeze.  BBZ had diarrhea all week from the antibiotics he was on from the most recent ear infection.  He wakes up with liquid poo pouring out of his diaper and goes directly into the bathtub.  He had terrible liquid poo all day, which was worse than it had been the days before.  I stop giving him the antibiotic and try to deal with the poo situation.  I call his school to see if other kids have symptoms and sure enough, 4-5 others do.  I am reminded how much I do NOT love daycare. (No, this is NOT Not Me! Monday) Around 11pm I get my first up close and person taste of what BBZ has been dealing with.  I am up every hour or so all night Wednesday night.

I am sick.  BBZ is sick.  I am thankful that I am not vomiting because I don't know how I would take care of him and deal with that at the same time.  The man comes and fixes the furnace.  I take a nap when BBZ does and feel even worse when I wake up.  BBZ is starting to feel better, but still spraying liquid poo.  I spike a fever around 2pm and text N begging him to come home.  N comes home around 3pm and I take another few naps while he entertains BBZ.  I wonder how BBZ has any energy at all if he feels at all as bad as I do.  I didn't eat anything all day besides a few spoonfuls of soup that N so sweetly made for me.

BBZ has his first solid poop in days in the morning.  Sure he is over the worst of it I send him to school and stay home.  I have to miss a seminar that I was really looking forward to that addresses how to use conflict as a creative tool.  I emailed the lady and asked her to mail me the materials.  I weigh myself and see I have lost 6 pounds since Wednesday.  I take my first shower since Wednesday.  I feel better as the day goes on and pick BBZ up around 4pm.  I'm sleepy and dehydrated, but my tummy is all better.  We watch The Hurt Locker, which is a fantastic military movie.  I was sure I wouldn't like it, but I was wrong.  I don't think I have mentioned that we watch a lot of movies around here.  N hates commercials, so we never watch shows that aren't on HBO or Showtime, but we have a Netflix subscription and watch lots and lots of movies.  If you are at all into military movies, or even if you aren't (like me) rent this movie.  You won't be disappointed.  The man came and diagnosed the refridgerator.  It will be fixed on Monday.

N's Birthday!  We have an amazing day!  We all woke up feeling well rested and healthy.  We go to N's favorite breakfast place.  I have pancakes and sausage.  BBZ eats half an orange, some strawberries and a banana before we leave the house.  At the restaurant he eats yogurt wth berries, bacon and sausage.  We get home and he naps.  When he wakes up he eats 2 pieces of turkey, more strawberries, some green beans and some apples.  We walk up to an ice carnival in our neighborhood and have a blast!  Here are some pics.
One of the many ice sculptures...I think this was my favorite one.

We're all bundled up!

Another sculpture

Getting ready to go down the ice slide!


Again, again, again!!!


This is what happens when it's too cold and mom amd dad say it's time to go.

Then with big, puffy crying eyes, we see the rest of the carnival.  A man on stilts, a mime, and lots and lots of people on our neighborhood streets.

We pick up subway and take it home for lunch.  BBZ eats all of the apple slices, all of my tomatoes and some of my cucumbers.  I begin to wonder if he lost weight over the last few days too and is making up for it.  He eats crackers and goldfish while watching a video.  We pack things up and head to Nikki's house to celebrate N's birthday with some friends.  BBZ stays up until 10pm and practically begs us to take him home.  He crashes in the car before we get out of Nikki's neighborhood.

BBZ wakes up around 5am with a barking cough that sounds like it hurts.  I nurse him back to sleep and he sleeps until 8:30am, as do the rest of us.  N wakes up last and gets us breakfast from Panera.  I go to Old Navy after I get an email that says everything on clearance is an additional 50% off.  I buy 2 shirts, a dress, a pair of pants and a sweater for $15 with my $10 bucks back.  I love great deals!  I go grocery shopping and buy canned food and some fruits and veggies that can stay out of the fridge until it gets fixed tomorrow.  I take advantage of an empty fridge and clean every nook and cranny.  I try to understand how dog hair can get into the fridge.  Gross.  I am finally able to start getting the house in order after being outforthecount for the last few days.  I am seriously grateful for this 3-day weekend we have.  I give BBZ a bath with vapor rub soap and his cough seems better.  I give him kisses goodnight and hope he sleeps well tonight.  N pops open a bottle of wine and we watch the Golden Globes.  We hope the people win who we bet on earlier today.

I hope we haven't missed too much by being under the weather this week!