Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me! Monday.

I have not skipped Not Me! Monday for the last 2 weeks out of pure laziness. I realize how therapeutic it is and would never skip an opportunity to admit all of my imperfections. This post is not stock-full of stuff to make up for it either!

I did not decide to stay up until midnight NYE only to fall asleep at 11:45pm. I know myself way too well and know I would never make it until midnight, so I knew not to even try. BBZ did not keep me up from 1:45am-2:45am after my only 2 hours of sleep. N was not snoring so loudly from the wine and beer he drank without me that I had to kick him out of the bed...on NYE. That's just mean and I would never let him voluntarily leave the bedroom to go downstairs to sleep on the sofa. I always forgo my own comfort and ask him to stay in the comfy bed while I go to sleep on the couch.

Oh, and BBZ did not wake me up at 6:30am either. This was not the first NYE since middle school that I wasn't up at midnight. I am not old. At all.

While perusing eBay for cloth diapers, I did not buy different ones than the ones we use because they were a deal I couldn't pass up with only 3 minutes left! I would never use cloth diaper shopping as a hobby and spend more money on something that I already have plenty of, which is supposed to save money. I did not get 8 diapers for $33! That is not about $4.12 each. I do not love these new diapers so much that I bought more! I am not justifying this by saying that the new ones are one size that we will be able to use from day 1 with the next baby too! (as opposed to the g's which are sized) I never go out of my way to justify my purchases to myself and everyone else. Ever.

I am not a little, tiny, eensy, weensy bit ready to be back at work after 2 weeks off. I am also not now fully convinced that I could never be a stay at home mom. This was not a huge surprise. Actually it wasn't a surprise, but I'm not sure how to write that on NMM. I have read where others get confused sometimes and I know I certainly do!

Our downstairs toilet did not freeze like it always does in single-digit temperatures. N and I did not buy a fancy pipe warmer thingy that didn't even work. We never waste money on things when we have old faithful ways of dealing with issues (using my hairdryer has worked every year since we moved in, I'm sure it will work again this year). The water line to my diaper sprayer is also not frozen. I have not spent too much time wiping poop off of diapers with toilet paper than I'd care to admit. Can I just get a NMN post without referencing poop, please!?

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