Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Me! Monday...Shameless Bragging

I am not going to spend this entire post shamelessly bragging about all the great things that have been happening.  It is not going to give me a largely needed break from talking about ear infections and tubes and doctors and diaper rashes and all of the other nonsense that life has handed us lately.

I did not spend this morning advocating for a participant who was going to have his benefits reduced to the point that he wouldn't be able to live in his current situation.  After a victorious meeting with the SSA, his sister did not place her hand on my shoulder and offer me a blessing for everything I have done for her family.  I did not feel her gratefulness to my core.  It did not bring tears to my eyes then, and again now, to know that I have made that big of an impact on the lives of their family.

I did not then go and visit a man who 2 months ago was so full of anger and hatred that I took his case on after he was so rude and hateful so someone I supervise.  He did not tell me today that he has been happier than he has been in years since Thanksgiving (when we started working together).  While I know this is not all of my doing, I like to think I played a part in his new found happiness.  Challenges definitely do not bring the biggest successes.

While brushing BBZ's teeth last night, he did not point to the second "A" on my Obama shirt and start to sing the ABC song that his daddy taught him earlier that day.  I am not now convinced that he is the smartest, most intelligent little genious on the planet.  I am not at all biased!

BBZ did not sleep ALL NIGHT LONG last night for the first time in weeks.  I did not panic just a little when I woke up at 5am and he hadn't woken me up.  I am not now completely convinced that he has been feeling really crappy the last few weeks.  This did not further solidify my reasoning for nursing him every time he wakes up and throwing my desire to control this out the window.  It's just funny how things just work themselves out.

I definitely did not introduce BBZ to TV via the Baby Einstein videos.  He is not now obsessed with watching "dvd"s.  I am not the mom who said my child would never watch tv only to succumb to the pressure of him saying "dvd" over and over and over.  He has not learned how to say what the cow, the owl, the dog and the duck say from watching these videos.  That has not now become my reasoning for allwoing him to watch them.  That and the fact that he makes the counting noises when he sees the parts where we count!  Little cutie pie!

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