Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Week in Pictures

Last Sunday I woke up at 4am, swooped up BBZ and headed to the airport. He and I flew the 2nd part of the round trip ticket I bought when I went to see my sister in a play last October. He did so great on the plane! He slept through the whole first flight which was from about 6am to 7:15 or so. He woke up when we landed and played like crazy in the terminal for the hour or so layover. We were playing with his little cars at the corner of the terminal so we had windows on both sides of us. I looked up from my car playing and saw BBZ with this look of absolute amazement on his face. I looked out the window and saw a huge airplane coming straight toward us! The door opened to our right and the nose of the plane was about 20 feet in front of us! The pilots even waved to us! BBZ was quite impressed. He did great on the next flight, which probably had the fewest people on it I have ever seen on a plane. BBZ talked and giggled and rambled on the whole time. I didn't mind though, it was way better than him screaming!
N and Delilah met us at my parent's house after dropping us off at the airport around 5am. It took him 11 1/2 hours, which is apparently a record. I guess it goes that much faster without a wife and a baby to slow you down :)
We hoped to find some different things to do this time around, so we drove about 30 minutes to a nearby town that had a cute little winery. Grapes cannot grow in this frozen part of America, so they use every other kind of fruit imaginable to make wine. We tasted wines such as Rhubarb, Choke Cherry, and Apple Jalapeno. It was interesting and much better than I thought it would be.
We also went to the town mall, which is small, but a nice place for BBZ to run around and explore. We also did some Christmas shopping.
BBZ's cousin, CJ, hung out with us almost the whole week!
Little cuties! I saw my sister's apartment for the first time and it is huge! On one of her shelves was a picture of me holding CJ when he was 14 months old, exactly the same age as BBZ now! That was 9 years how time flies. Here's a peek at his Thanksgiving outfit! He was moving non-stop. I got a few good ones, but this one reminded me of this one that Nikki over at Purple Lemon Photography took of BBZ during his 1 year photos! He's quick!
He did not really want to cooperate with me for a picture with Delilah... we took a break to play some piano... ...and I got this one, which I love.
He managed to sit still long enough for this cute one with my dad, who he calls Ba-Pa, just like CJ did before he could say Papa. But not quite long enough for this one with my mom (Meme) which BBZ still can't quite say.
Watching football and eating strawberries with Daddy.
We decided to venture out into the cold, which was actually much more mild than it usually is in November.
Daddy bought him this awesome hat, which we all had bets on how long he would keep it on. It turns out, if you put gloves on a baby, they are unable to do just about anything with their hands, including removing a ridiculously cute hat from their head! I just love these that N took of him hobbling around the yard.
Then right in front of us he goes Christmas Story on us and totally licks this pole! I'm not sure what he was thinking, but I'm just glad that 1) it didn't stick and 2) that we had the camera!
My little winter munchkin! There was snow on the ground one morning, but it melted by the time we got up and moving around. We were hoping that BBZ could get some good snow-playing time! Oh well, hopefully he will have plenty of other opportunities soon.
Mmmm, turkey! BBZ had been refusing to eat meat for weeks, but this week he ate chicken, steak, and turkey! He was pumped about this one!
It was definitely a messy meal! But so worth it. I even caught a little video of him saying "gobble, gobble, gobble"!
We had no intention of going out into the black Friday ridiculousness as we have in years past, but we did end up going to the mall in an attempt to wear BBZ out for the 8 hour drive we planned, which started at 3pm on Friday. We thought we would maybe try the Santa picture, and I am so glad we did! There was absolutely no line and we walked right up. As you can see, BBZ was not very happy about it, but I honestly think that is half the fun.

Like I said, we left around 3pm Friday and drove about 8 hours. We thought about driving all the way through, and if BBZ had been in a deeper sleep we might have tried it, but N and I both said this morning that we made the right decision by staying at the hotel. BBZ was pretty wound up when we got there around midnight, but it didn't take too long for him to settle down and sleep. It was a bit harder for N since he drank so much caffeine, but we all managed to get enough sleep. It was crazy warm here today so we went for a walk then came home and played in the backyard for a while. I must say, it was a wonderful week out of town. I love spending time with my family and wish we were closer. I am very happy that we have one more weekend day left! I don't feel rushed to have everything done tonight for the week. I see tomorrow as a nice and lazy Sunday!