Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I have not been coughing and sneezing and blowing my nose and snoring and all the other nastiness that goes along with a sinus infection for more than a week now. BBZ does not have the exact same symptoms. I do not think that the antibiotics are doing nothing for my infection. I have not convinced myself to keep taking them because they are probably helping BBZ a little bit since the medication passes through the breast milk.

I am not still breastfeeding BBZ...a lot. Don't judge.

I have not used everything within arms reach to wipe snot off of my son's nose. This definitely does not include my hands, my pants, the sleeve of a shirt and various Kleenex that get stuffed in my pocket and used and re-used. That is just gross. Noses with snot running out of them are not grosser. Gross noses are not a pet peeve of mine. I would not rather my son have a face full of dirt than a face full of snot.

I have not fallen asleep on the couch before 10pm every single night this week...including weekend nights. I have not completely blamed it on my illness. My house does not need me to stay up later and do everything it needs me to in order to stay in decent condition.

I am not worrying about what BBZ is and is not eating. Who me? I never worry. About anything. Ever. I am not concerned that the fruit he eats out of a can has way too much sugar but still feed it to him because he needs fruit. I am not too lazy to cut up fresh fruit. I do not feed him vegetables out of can because I do not feel like cooking fresh vegetables. There is no way I am that lazy. I did not take pictures of the first good meal I have made for him all weekend (whole wheat pasta and broccoli). This was not in an attempt to convince myself that it is much better looking and more appetizing for him than the canned stuff. I definitely did not post the pictures here...that would be just silly...who would do such a thing?

I did not make up a song about the meal entitled "Pasta and Little Trees".

I did not get photographic proof of him eating the little trees.

He did not resort to eating the only thing he seems to eat anymore (puffs or goldfish) all because I forgot to put the cup of them away when we got home from running errands.

I do not still think he is the cutest thing alive! (even after he dumped the plate altogether sometime during the meal).

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I should include more pictures of the little guy on Not Me! makes it a bit more fun, don't cha think?