Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Catching some words on video

My friend Gina who is a speech pathologist has been asking me to catch some of BBZ's talking on video for er viewing pleasure. While he has been talking for quite a while, he just now started to speak on command. He had lots of words for stuff, but he wouldn't say what I asked him to say until now. This was my first attempt, so bare with me! I'll try to get another one soon :) Click here if the video doesn't work below. I tried to get him to say car, but he wasn't having it! I also love how he went Godzilla on the tractor at the end! I just love this little boy! His newest words are football (which N loves), hi, blanket (which sounds nothing like blanket but it is the same word every time), he says get down when he wants to be picked up, but we're working on it. Car and truck (sometimes dump truck) are his favorites and he also says a version of outside that we are also working on. "truck book" is a big one and so is "kitty". He is a little motor mouth! The best is this new word that sounds like mommy but it it more like "mymie". He calls me it but also every other thing around him when it is on his mind. He actually woke up at 5am this morning as always but when he laid back down after nursing he fell asleep and about 5 minutes later I heard him on the monitor saying over and over "mymie, mymie, mymie" and I thought for sure he would be standing up waiting for me to go get him, but instead he was just laying there cuddling with his blanket. Little cutie pie!