Thursday, February 25, 2010

Top 3 Reasons Why I Blog

Tamara over at the (UN)Experienced Mom is doing a fun blog carnival with Elizabeth over at Confessions from a working Mom.  In this one they ask us to rate the top 3 reasons why we blog.  I jumped on this carnival mostly because I have a half-written blog in my drafts right this very minute about this very topic.  This is just a fun way to write it out and link up with other blogging mamas!

#3 It gives me an outlet.  Blogging is simply a journal that you let everyone in the world read.  It's not quite all of my thoughts, but it is many that are locked inside my head that when released, are out there leaving free space in my mind for what is really important.  One of my very favorite new blogs is Things I can't Say.  Shell created this "secret blog" so she can say what she isn't able to say on the blog that she created to keep up with family and others she knows in real life.  I love this concept!  That is a true blog.  If I didn't have a hard enough time keeping up with this blog I might consider a secret blog for myself!

#2 It gives me a way to connect with other women.  Why is it so hard to make girlfriends at my age?  Women are hard to connect with and difficult to trust, but for some reason the blog world is full of women who leave comments to encourage each other, keep track of how each others' children are doing, and have been a source of support like I have never seen.  I have girlfriends outside of the blog world that I truely love, and the new friends I have met here are just as special to me.  I was struggling the other day with some trouble BBZ was giving us at night and I wondered over to Shell's blog where she wrote about some obstacles her son is overcoming.  Reading her blog about her challenges helped me think about what was happening with BBZ and put things into perspective.  By commenting on her post and giving her support, I took my own words of advice and immediately felt better about the trouble we are having.  This level of comradery is really wonderful and was completely unexpected.

The #1 reason I blog is the reason I started this keep my family up-to-date with everything going on with us and with BBZ.  My parents live 13 hours away.  It is so hard being so far away from my family, and blogging about the things BBZ does and what we are all up to here is the best way to stay close and connected.  Even N's family that is close by is able to keep up with us like they see us everyday!  Well, they'd be able to if I blogged everyday, but you get the idea.  It is so important to me that BBZ know my parents and that they know him, and the internet and this blog have made the miles between us seem much less.

So that's it!  Head on over to Elizabeth's Blog and link up!  While your there, read why all the ladies love their blogs and give them some comment love!