Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Family History Fun

Remember how I posted about my grandpa's old house?  Check this out for a little reminder.  When I showed my grandmother the photo we took of BBZ in his house, she told me about one that she remembered and said she would do her best to find it.  Well, we had dinner at my aunt's house on Sunday as a (really) late Christmas celebration and my grandma brought a picture that was taken in 1923 when my grandfather was 2 years old.  N stood in the doorway that my grandfather is standing in to take the picture of BBZ.  The staircase BBZ is leaning on is about 5 feet behind where my grandfather is standing.  This kind of blows my mind.

Seriously.  Who would have thought that the young man on the right would grow up and become a WWII dive bomber pilot?  That he would have twin girls, one of which would be my mom, who would have 2 girls, each of whom would go on to have a boy.  85 years separate these baby boys, but they stand in the same exact physical place, with their lives ahead of them.  It makes me wonder what BBZ will grow up to do.  It's weird to think of his children, and his grandchildren.  If he chooses to have them, they will continue this bloodline and our family name.  This is so special to me, and I can't believe that we have this photo.  I hope it means as much to BBZ when he grows up as it does to me.