Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lotsa Blogs Crammed into 1

What is it about a new haircut that makes me feel oh, so fabulous!  I am constantly thinking about cutting my hair while growing it out, so today I just did it!  Here it was yesterday...

Yeah, see the ponytail?  That was a permanent part of my outfit for the last few weeks.  That or a messy bun, which is easily as bad as a ponytail, so I knew it was time for the old chop.  Here it is now!

Sorry about the self-photos.  I'm not a good photographer.  My hair feels light, and fresh and only took 5 minutes to blow dry!  That is some sort of record for my super-thick hair!
My wonderful husband, N, got a remote car starter for me for Christmas.  It has been an absolute godsend with the miserably cold winter we're in the middle of.  Our not having a garage is much less of a pain than in winters past.  The only problem is, I keep forgetting to leave the heat on full blast to make the most of my 12 minutes of warm car.  So I took a clip designed to hold lots of paper together and clipped it to my inside door handle so I have to touch it in order to get out of the car.  It already worked once today
This morning I was standing in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal and BBZ wanted me to pick him up.  When he saw I was eating he just had to try it so I put a few bran flakes in his mouth and immediately they came right back out and on to the floor.  While in my arms he leaned to the side and called out "De-liiiiiii-laahhhhh".  Yeah, apparently he has learned what we say when food ends up on the floor.  Funny stuff.
There is a mad rage of hand, foot and mouth disease going through BBZ's classroom and the one next door.  He and one little girl (so unbelievably cutely named Clementine) hung out together all day yesterday and half of today and had so much fun!  I am keeping my fingers desperately crossed that he doesn't catch it.  And if he has to catch it I hope that he waits until the 4-day weekend that's right around the corner.
Remember this post about the house that my grandfather grew up in?  N and BBZ and I finally got a chance to go over to my grandparents house and show them the picture and tell them the story!  They were so taken back by the picture!  I think my grandpa really, really loved it.  My grandpa asked for the realtor information to see if he can do a walkthrough.  I suggested he wait until after the renovations, but we'll see.  The look on their faces as they told me about the way they remember the house, combined with my actually knowing what the house looks like is something I will never forget.  This was something very special for our family and I can't wait to see what the house looks like after the renovations!  I hope BBZ one day appreciates how special it is to have stood at that staircase 80 years after my grandfather's father built it.

I think that's all my news!  That was the complete opposite of wordless Wednesdays...maybe I should do Wordy Wednesdays :)