Monday, February 8, 2010

Potty Talk

The other morning, BBZ walked up to me and started patting the front of his diaper.  I asked if he went potty and he said "pa-ee, pa-ee" and went into the bathroom.  He pointed at the toilet and to his diaper!  I know he's not ready to potty train, but he definately knows what is happenig and making the connection between what he does in his diaper and what goes on in the bathroom.  How exciting!

When he was getting ready for bed the other night, I changed his diaper and was getting ready to put his jam jams on and he stood up and started grabbing the front of his diaper.  I asked if he had to go potty and he walked toward the bottom of the stairs.  N carried him upstairs and helped him get up on the toilet.  He then leaned over and wanted one of his books!  Like father, like son!  I ran downstairs and grabbed the camera and got this shot...

When he got off of the toilet he had peed in his diaper!  I don't know if he went while on the toilet or on his way upstairs to the toilet, all I know is that he was not wet when he grabbed the front of his diaper downstairs and was when we got upstairs!  So he is not only aware of what it feels like when he goes, but he also knows what it feels like to have to go!  Yay!

So I bought a little frog potty that sits in the downstairs bathroom so we don't have to go so far when he asks.  I'm definitley not going to push this.  He seems way to young still and I don't want to mess anything up by having expectations.  I just like what he has learned so far and hope he stays interested!


  1. Very exciting! I can't wait until we're done with diapers in my house!

  2. So much fun! I'm not sure how young is too young, I should probably start learning! Ha! But my mom said I was potty-trained by 2, but that I dripped for awhile afterwards, lol. If he's curious/aware already that's awesome!!!

  3. Manda introduced Oliver to the potty early too. They take him with them when they go and ask if he needs to go and he always will. The other day they were in the hot tub and came in to shower. He was naked in the bathroom and just sat down and went for the first time on his own. They learn by watching you so invite him along!This is all very exciting!

  4. We have that same book, and it's G's favorite to read while she's on the potty too! What a fun coincidence!

    You said in your comment to me today that you're only 5' 3"-- I'm shocked-- your picture made you look much taller than that!!!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  5. how fun! he's becoming a big boy!

  6. oops can't edit - just wait until he's able to say "uh Mom, privacy please!"

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

    When I saw this picture, I had to laugh. My boyfriend frequently goes into the bathroom with something to read...what he does in there, I have no idea...but I can certainly see our little boy following in his footsteps too!