Monday, February 15, 2010

Our V-day and My pretty cloth diapers.

What a wondeful weekend we had!  I had so much fun reading all of the great posts my blog friends wrote about their husbands and how much they love them and why, and I had 2 or 3 different ideas of what I was going to post on our Valentine's Day, but as I sat down to blog after our celebration last night, I decided to put the computer away and enjoy time with my very favorite person.  So no big post from me, but I can say that we had an amazing weekend!  We went over to our friend Nikki and her husband's house, and celebrated with 4 other couples.  We each brought something for the meal and had a huge feast.  N made sesame encrusted seared tuna steaks with a wasabi butter and soy ginger sauce accompanied by butter soaked scallops and bacon.  And yes, it was absolutely as good as it sounds!  He was planning on just making this fantastic dinner for the 2 of us, but when Nikki and Zach had the idea to have us all get together, they realized that none of us had any big plans, so getting together became all of our plans!  It was a fantastic meal and a great time with friends.

N's grandma's 90th birthday is next week, so we had Nikki take a picture of us in front of her house in the snow last night to put in her birthday card.

We got a nice amount of snow and I had to drive home in  it last night.  I am not a fan of driving in the snow, so I felt a huge relief when we pulled into our parking spot behind the house.  The roads were terrible!  We didn't slide around too much, but I didn't really drive fast enough to slide.  Oh well, the crazies went around me as I waved them by going only 35 mph or so!

BBZ fell off of the couch yesterday when he was playing with the older kiddos.  Neither N or I actually saw it, so we weren't sure of the damage, but there were no bumps or bruises and he seemed to be ok.  He slept until 9am this morning!  Then he took a nap from 12pm until I woke him up at 3pm.  During his nap I got scared that he may have a concussion or something since we didn't see what he hit when he fell, but he hasn't vomited or been out of it other than just being tired.  He eats constantly when he is awake, which is also not like him, so I think he might just be going through a growth spurt or something.  Hopefully he's not injured from the fall.  It's one of many injuries so far, and I'm certain it will not be the last!

I washed BBZ's diapers today, which I have mentioned that I love doing.  While I was stuffing the dry ones and hanging the wet ones I was reminded of my other friend Nikki who talked once about how much she loves seeing her cloth diapers dry on the line.  It also reminded me of this post that Chelsea over at Chelsea Said So posted a while back.  They were sitting near the window with the shades open and the sun was reflecting off of the winter snow, which made the colors that much more vibrant.  Don't you think?

I LOVE cloth diapering.  So much so that I felt a little uneasy about BBZ toying with the idea of using the potty as it means I am that much closer to being done diapering his bottom with brightly colored cloth.  No worries though, my jump to have him sit on the potty without his diaper scared him, I think.  He has pointed to his diaper a few times, but is reluctant to sit on it again.  So I have completely backed off!  I'm just kidding (sort of) about the cloth, I will always encourage my little man's independence!

So that's what I've been up to.  I'm on day 3 of my 4-day weekend, although I do have to go in to work tomorrow for a fund raiser.  I had to make cupcakes for it and have to drop them off, after I take a few out for us, of course!  I have a few deep blogs on my head that I'd like to get out, but not today.  Nice and fluffy on this snowy, wintery Monday.  Have a great week!