Monday, February 22, 2010

Dear Blog Readers,

I'm sorry for being MIA the last week or so!  Not only have I not been blogging, but I haven't really been reading blogs either, and when I have it has been on reader and I still can't figure out how to comment from reader.  This week I have learned the definition of busy.  I have a fewthings that must be addressed, so here it goes...

Dear Yonder Mountain String Band,
Thank you for rocking my socks off Friday and Saturday nights.  You are celebrating your 10-year anniversary together and we have been watching your live shows for 7 of those years.  When you visit our city you help my husband and I reconnect.  You are the same age as us and have found incredible success doing what you love.  You are way too good for your young age and there are times during your shows where I just stand and stare and can't believe how good you are.  Please, please,please decide to do a New Year's show here in our city so we can see you in a huge arena.  We will share in your success and dance with holes in our pants to your awesome drums-free music all night long.  Peace out.

Dear stinky lady from the Saturday Yonder show,
I realize that the show was sold out and lots of dancing can make you sweaty, but did you really have to get so excited about a song that you plumeted your stinky body in my space and expected me to move out of your way?  I stopped drinking to be able to nurse my son if he woke up and was trying to enjoy that very same favorite song from the place I stood all night and you ruined my moment.  Thanks a lot.  Go take a shower, hippie.
(That last line is from Up in case you haven't seen it.  I really do have much love for the dirty hippies as long as they don't try and steal my dance space.)

Dear mom,
Thank you for coming in town and babysitting BBZ so we could go to both shows while he rested sweetly in his own bed.  I wish you were here all the time, and I love that you happily planned a trip with this weekend in mind.  I love you and love having you here with us.  P.S. Thanks for cleaning the house a bit too.  You have a wonderful way of doing nice things without making me feel like I should be able to do it myself.  You have a way that only moms do.  Love ya!

Dear BBZ's 15th and 16th teeth,
Just pop through already.  You have made all of the members of this household and our guest miserable for the last few nights.  Your way popping through for a minute, then hiding, then popping through again is cruel and unusual punishment and you are not welcome here.  Actually, the teeth are welcome here, so get on with it then.  Seriously.  I am unbelievably near my breaking point.

Dear state auditor,
Thank you for passing us with flying colors.  You kindly recognized my incredibly huge mistake as a special circumstance and did nto let it define our entire program.  You have made us feel incredibly successful about how we run our program and almost (yes almost) made the last week of auditing worth it.

Dear Governor Nixon,
Thank you for removing the caps on the amount of personal attendant time people are able to receive through our program that was included in House Bill 1918.  We called our respresentatives, lobbied for our cause, told stories of our participants, and rallied for your attention.  Because of this decision, many, many people will be able to stay independent in their homes with this extremely important program.  You have made it clear that you care about Missourians and believe they should have choices and options if faced with a disability.  You have restored (some of) my faith in you and I appreciate your listening ears.  The next few years will be tough, but we will push on!