Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A story about N I have to share

You guys know how sensitive I am and how much family and history mean to me...you remember my grandfather's house, right?  You also know how creative N is, remember the letter to Mr. Redlegs?  Well you are not going to believe this...

So imagine for a minute that you are strating your life with your young family.  You buy a house and love it so much that rather than move into ta new and bigger house, you build an addition that is featured in the St. Louis Post Dispatch and a 1970 issue of Better Home and Gardens.  You raise your family in this home, watch them grow into adults and have families of their own.  Grandkids and even great grandkids have stepped in and out of your home for years.  Then before you know it you are in your 80s and the home that was once full of love and people, is now large and difficult to maintain and nearly empty.  Reality sets in that you and your husband must move on and sell this home you have owned for 53 years.

This is the situation that the people we are buying the house from are in.  They are amazing people with a story that N and I can only dream of having in our future.  We truley feel honored to be the next family to live and grow in the home that they have obviously filled with love and dedication.  So I had the idea of sending a thank you card or other gesture to show them how much we appreciate their home and our future in it.  Well N already had it covered.

He sent the family a 100 bloom bouquet of flowers signifying the 50 years they were in the home and the 50 years that we will be there.  Can you believe that?  He is so thoughtful and caring and always has a creative way to show someone how special they are.  He does things like this for people (especially for BBZ and me)all the time.  He is an amazing gift-giver and always thinks of somthing amazing that someone would never expect.  He does things like this all the time, and I am so happy to have him love me so much.

The flowers should be delivered today.  I hope that they realize from the gift how much we do really see purchasing their home as an honor.