Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Totally random updates.

I am watching a documentary on the Doors right now.  They rock, er rocked, I guess.

I gave BBZ a haircut last night that started in the bathroom and ended this morning while he ate breakfast.  I'm way too much of a perfectionist and had to keep trying to get it just right.  Well, it's good enough and I can deal with that!

We are super close to leasing our house.  I'm pretty sure we will have a lease signed this weekend.  This makes me super excited and a little scared too.  Hopefully we are making the right decision.

I stood out front of our new house today talking with the owner about how life in the city has changed over the last 50 years.  We talked about how no one in the world can understand how hard it is to leave their home.  How he was on the city council years ago and helped keep the fire and police department in the city as opposed to merging with a nearby community.  We talked about their kids, and the neighborhood, our excitement about raising our family in their home, and even the tools he plans to leave for N in the workshop in the basement.  It was a very special time that home buyers (who use realtors) don't often get to do.  The best part was when he said that after we are all done with this negotiation stuff they want to have us over for dinner.  I am really looking forward to that.

Our basement is what kept a recent potential home buyer from making us an offer on the house.  N has an idea of how to fix it and plans to try it this weekend.  I hope it works!

BBZ has an early release day on Friday that I didn't know about.  N is out of town so that leaves me to take time off to get him.  There's nothing like a surprise short Friday to finish the week out right!

My friend Kelli is having her baby shower this weekend and I can't wait!  I LOVE baby showers and can't wait to see all of the fun stuff she and P get!

Another friend Laura is moving this weekend and I can't wait to se her new place!  She's moving toward me and next month I'll be moving toward her so we will be so much closer!  Yay!

I got the papers signed and mailed off to the state to begin my hours for my LPC!  As soon as I get a date from them the hours can begin.  I am happy and sad about what this means.  Sad that I only have 2 more Wednesdays left with my baby boy, but happy about what this means for me and my career.  The next chapter begins!

I realize that I haven't taken many pictures lately...what's up with that?!?  I'll take a picture of his new haorcut tomorrow.  This one is from a few weeks ago while he was playing with all of his animals and his blocks.  He's such a cutie!