Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

My day began with my 2 favorite men in the world crawling in bed with me holding a kid-plate full of breakfast. Included was a sausage and cheese on an English muffin, fruit snacks, junior mints and strawberries. Oh, and also a diet Pepsi. (I can't blame them for the breakfast choices; I haven't been to the grocery store in like 2 weeks!) It was so sweet! BBZ insisted on sharing the junior mints, but he had his very own package of fruit snacks, which he enjoyed there in bed with his daddy and me. What a wonderful way to awaken!

Then we headed downstairs to 2 beautifully wrapped (in newspaper because N refuses to waste paper on wrapping) packages and a card inscribed "Mommy". Inside were a handmade hummingbird feeder and a gorgeous locket necklace! Both presents were bought on, which makes them even more special since I love handmade stuff. I found 2 great pictures to put in the locket and enjoyed wearing it all day. We spent the morning cleaning the house and getting it ready to show and the afternoon at N's sister's house celebrating mother's day and our niece's birthday. It was an amazing day! I am such a lucky lady :)

I am doing my very best to relax about things with the house, although it is very hard. Friday we got a call that a couple who saw the house wants to make an offer but they wanted to see the disclosure form and have her father come and see the house first. We rushed home and completed the form and also scheduled the showing for 12:30pm today. Yesterday 2 potential renters came to the house and one really, really loves the place. We have her application and are sort of holding it until we see what happens with these potential buyers. Part of me really, really hopes we sell the house so we don't even have to be bothered with it, but the other part of me knows how much this young woman loves our house and I like the idea of her staying here for a year. We hoped that we would have heard something by now, but we haven't. I guess maybe we will tomorrow. I'd even settle for hearing that they changed their minds...this unknowing is killing me!

To add to all the changes, I have decided to go back to work full-time in June. This was a very hard decision, but I think it is best for us and for our family. I hope to begin working toward my LPC, which is the long run could open up many more career opportunities for me. I'm trying to remember "never resist a temporary inconvenience if it results in a permanent improvement", but it is really hard to do! (I don't know who said that btw...if I did I would give props) I know going back to 40 hours is the right thing to do, but I will miss my extra day with my baby boy. He has so much fun at school that he probably won't even notice the change. I'll just have to plan some vacation days for the 2 of us every now and then.

So we are sitting on pins and needles wondering if this couple is the deciding factor in our house saga...I'll keep you posted!