Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Working Mom Wednesdays!

This is a new blog carnival that I have been watching for a few weeks and this week I have decided to jump on board. It feels kind of funny though, since my day off is Wednesday, but I guess if I work the other 4 days it counts :) This week Julia has asked us to show off our Christmas card photo! I have a confession to make though. This was going to be my Not Me! Monday post, but I skipped it this week. In an effort to save some dough this year, I only bought about half of the cute cards from the photo store than I usually do. I'm not really sure what my plan was...I guess I thought I would send cards without photos, but that's no fun at all! So 2 days ago when the cards finally came (thank you procrastination, one of the many new characteristics that I have obtained as a result of having a BBZ) I decided I really wanted to send photos, so some of the ones I sent had the cute pre-made cards with this photo.

The card said: Have a Merry Christmas! We Triple-dog Dare You!!! Love, The Zs

That was N's creative mind that came up with the phrasing...he's so smart! BBZ cracked us up when we were at my parents house walking along a paved path in their neighborhood when he ran up to this pole and went completely A Christmas Story on us and started licking the pole! Thank goodness I had my camera to capture the moment. And it only seemed appropriate to share the comedy with friends and family. The other cards I sent had a wallet size photo of this shot...

Nikki over at Purple Lemon Photography took this and all of the other amazing photos for BBZ's 1-year photos. It is one of my very favorites. I think it really captures our family at one of its happiest times.
So if you didn't get a card from me, I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas and sharing the pictures with you now! And I have learned my lesson...saving a few dollars is not worth messing with the spreading of holiday cheer. My Christmas cards will be back in full force next year. Merry Christmas!