Monday, December 21, 2009

Today I am Grateful for The Dead

I am taking a break from the Not Me! Monday post today, not because I didn't do plenty that I need to confess, but rather because of a something that played on the radio today. I get frustrated with music in my car sometimes. N got Sirius radio for me a few Christmases ago, and I could not live without it. I absolutely hate listening to radio commercials and also hate trying to fumble with CDs while driving, so a commercial-free radio is perfect for me. I also absolutely hate channel surfing. N is the king of channel surfing both in my car (when he's not driving) and at home. I firmly believe this is why we don't watch TV shows other than those on HBO or Showtime. Every commercial he changes the station to something else so we never, ever watch a show all the way through. So I often get frustrated when my favorite channels on Sirius aren't playing something I want because then I have to surf. The new Holly station on Sirius is wonderful, but even then there are Christmas songs I do not like. I say all of that to also say that channel 32, the Grateful Dead station is old faithful for me. It never fails, when the other stations let me down, good ol' GD comes through and never disappoints. Today I was at my wits end with my musical choices and pressed my beloved #2 pre-set station and they were playing "Truckin'" from a show on 12/19/1973 in Tampa, FL. This date is remarkably important because it is my parent's anniversary. Their 3rd anniversary in fact, which also happens to be the anniversary N and I just celebrated. It really made me think. My parents were celebrating their 3 year marriage just as N and I just did. It's weird to think of myself as my parent's age. It's an amazing transformation to see your parents stop being just your parents and start being real people. It is cool to think that BBZ will think of us as parents, and one day he will realize that we are real people too. People who just celebrated our 3rd anniversary. Maybe he will think of us on his 3rd anniversary. And time keeps on tickin'...

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  1. I have the same OCD that Nate does with TV commercials. For some reason when they come on the radio I just zone out.

    I think it is great that you are finally seeing Bruce and Joanne as real people! LOL. I still have a hard time with my parents but they do act like chillin' still sometimes:-) BBZ will always think you are great because you are!