Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas, Z style

Merry day-after Christmas! We had an amazing Christmas here at the Z household. BBZ was incredibly cute and happy and made this Christmas the best yet. N and I have always loved Christmas. The spirit of giving is in us and we absolutely love it. It's one reason we got married in December, because of our love of this time of year, but this year was so different. Having a little one made me remember how fun Christmas was as a child. His face when he saw the presents was priceless! He never really did get the whole open presents thing, so he just got excited when he saw something new to play with. He had an innocence that I had long forgotten. And N and I had a blast celebrating with him.
My mom bought him this chair when she was here a couple of weeks ago...he loves it! And, it matches our furniture perfectly, as you can see.
On Christmas Eve we baked cookies for Santa. BBZ always loves to see what we are doing at the island, but now he is finally old enough to understand that he has to either stay on the step stool or stay off of it. It's so much fun!
We always go to N's sister and brother-in-law's house on Christmas eve, a tradition I always look forward to. We ate and opened presents and had all kinds of fun! Isn't there something so cute about baby boys in overalls? When we were t my parent's house for Thanksgiving, BBZ and his daddy discovered "fumble" while playing football in the living room. It is now a really fun game where BBZ lays down on the floor and yells "Fumble!!!" and expects someone to come and lay on top of him. It's seriously the cutest thing. Here he is opening his first present. Like I said, he really didn't get it and had to get some help from me. He loved playing with the toy once it was out!
His Grandpa and Grandma Z got him this Fisher Price you remember these!? It's so fun reliving life through his eyes. He loved this farm and had fun pretending that the cow was eating out of the trough.
Such a handsome baby boy!
BBZ's cousin JJ...she's so grown up all of a sudden! She was only 3 when N and I started dating.
BBZ with Aunt C and Grandma Z
I absolutely love this picture of BBZ and his grandpa.
Grandpa and Grandma Z got us a deep freezer! They brought it by the house today along with some meat we went in on with them. Finding a place for the freezer gave me a good excuse to clean out the basement a few days ago. I actually like going down there now! Everything is so organized!
I love this one with the red background. How perfect for Christmas! Notice he is playing with Grandpa Z's flask. He know exactly what it is for!
He brought it over to me just to prove it!
See, told you.
Here is our house on Christmas Eve after Santa came. We got a sneak peek while BBZ was in bed already :)
Puppy Claus came too.
We found BBZ this remote-control car, which I think we love as much, if not more than he does! Shake it!
I asked Santa via facebook on Christmas Eve for a white Christmas, and he listened! It started snowing while we were opening presents and didn't stop until after we left for N's parents house. I love this one of him looking out our front door through the snow.
We headed out to N's parents house for Oyster stew, another Christmas tradition that I really, really look forward to. People warned me before my first Christmas day with them that I probably wouldn't like Oyster stew, but boy were they wrong! I love it!
Here is BBZ at G and G's house...check out his shirt with a Christmas tree made out of balls! It is just perfect for him! It was a great find at a garage sale this summer!
BBZ with Grandma and Grandpa Z in front of their lovely tree.
And here is our little family. We all had such a Merry Christmas!
Helping daddy make dinner on Christmas night. Notice the "Dad's Helper" apron, which was a gift in BBZ's stocking.
Here is a shortened version (but still 5 minutes long) of this little man on Christmas morning. This is mostly for the parents who really wanted to be here for this!
I think it was a fantastic Christmas for all of us. Besides the remote starter for my car, N got me an awesome fleece poncho from Snake Mountain Threads, a spaghetti measure, a cool laptop table thing for my blogging, leather gloves, candy, and some yummy-smelling shampoo. My mom got me a beautiful necklace and my dad sent a few small pottery pots (which I collect) that students at his college made. They bought N some steak knives, a cutting board and a knife sharpener to go with the awesome knife set they got us for our anniversary. N's parents gave us each some cash, so I will be heading to Kohl's here in a bit to try and get the Shark pocket steam cleaner with my $$ and my Kohl's cash! WOO HOO!!
As usual in the Z household, it was a wonderful holiday full of the spirit of giving and the love of family. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!