Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A few things

15 month stats: 20.1 lbs (10th percentile) 31 inches (75th percentile) He's tall and skinny! The doctor checked his ears and he still has fluid in them regardless of the antibiotic he has been taking since 12/18. We have an appointment on 1/6 with the ENT, so my doctor also recommended that I continue to give him the antibiotic until then because he is just going to get another infection anyway because of the fluid that is there. She is pretty convinced that the cause is the shape of his inner ear because of the failure to drain, so the tubes seem inevitable. Hopefully we will know more after the ENT appointment. I actually feel ok with it. If the tubes will make him better, I think we should do it. The one thing I want to talk to the ENT about is what is causing all of the congestion. My doctor (and I) think it's allergies. We'll see what the ENT thinks!
N's parents came over on Saturday and brought us our deep freezer! It's awesome and holds a ton of food, which at this point we don't really have. We are thinking about a Cosco or Sams card since we can now buy in bulk. Since I already make out a menu, maybe I can plan for more than just 1-2 weeks at a time! I'll still have to shop weekly though for the fresh stuff I buy, but this should save us some dough for the other stuff. Yay! While N's parents were here I talked about the Shark pocket steam cleaner that I really wanted to buy for myself with my Christmas money. I had $50 and $10 of Kohl's cash, AND N's mom gave me another $10 Kohl's cash! I went to Kohl's and it was $20 off plus my real and Kohl's cash left a balance of $13 and some change! So I am now the proud owner of this fabulous chemical-free cleaner that can be used anywhere...except on my hardwood floors. I went for the pocket one over the mop because I can use this one all over the house! I haven't tried it yet because I am on vacation and really don't feel like cleaning. Maybe I will before the end of the week, but we'll see!
I went to a winery today that was ran by an old German man who lived in this rural town since he was a boy. He has been making wine since he was 16 years old. There was another man there who was younger that was complaining about his sore bones and failing health. Somewhere in the conversation the younger man mentioned that he had a grudge. The old German fellow started laughing and said "forget the medicine and the surgery, your body hurts because of that heavy weight you are carrying! Let that go and feel lighter" he exclaimed. What great advice! His wine was absolutely fantastic too.
I found a DVD video full of snapshots of BBZ's first 6 months. We are working on the best way to convert it to digital format so I can share it, but for now I am enjoying looking back at when my little one was brand new. It's hard for me to remember that he was ever that small, so the video proof is pretty cool!
I did something terribly painful to my back/shoulder. It hurts more than it has ever hurt, so I don't know what is going on. All I know is I really don't want to schedule a doctor appointment for myself in between the ones I have for BBZ. I'm just hoping it will go away. And no, it's not from a grudge! At least I don't think so anyway...


  1. Sounds like things are going well. I need to check out that Shark! Good luck with BBZ's doctor's appt. It's amazing that his speech and language is so good with all those infections!!