Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another game of catch-up

I love to blog. I really do. In fact, I blog every single day, sometimes more than once...the only problem is that these blogs stay in my head because I have no time to actually type them. So here we are, with yet another almost full week without blogging. Let me catch up... This was my Facebook status update yesterday afternoon:

Bad- dishwasher part won't be in until 12/22. Good- I think I can repair it myself. Bad- Isaac is sick again. Good- my mama was in town to stay home this morning with him. Bad- he has another ear infection. Good- Nate and I get to Christmas shop for him tonight. Bad- Isaac will probably need tubes. Good- Christmas is in 1 week! And, I'm on vacation for 2 weeks!!! Helz yeah.

This pretty much sums it up. Sometime last week the handle on my dishwasher broke. It still worked with a little tinkering so I didn't think much of it...until Wednesday when it actually really broke and a plastic piece broke off. The door couldn't lock, so it wouldn't work. Of course I realized this with an absolutely full dishwasher. Luckily my mom was here and helped dry while N was out bowling with one of his buddies. I took apart the door of the washer and tried to glue the broken piece back on. That didn't work, so my mama called Sears parts department and I bought a new handle for $47. I guess that's better than if I had to pay for someone to come out. My SIL (sister-in-law) said they had to pay $95 just for the Sears guy to come out last time, so hopefully this will save us some dough.

So on Tuesday my mom came in town. My day off was Wednesday as usual, but I took BBZ to school so I could get my Christmas gift installed in my car...a remote starter!!!! N gave me this gift early because he thought it was mean to make me wait with all of the cold days we have had. We don't have a garage so it has been quite the ordeal to get BBZ in a warm car for our short drive to daycare every day. I am loving this!!! A garage was on the list for our next house when we move, but with this awesome starter that is not necessarily a deal breaker! BBZ's teacher called and said he had diarrhea twice so I had to pick him up early. He was really snotty, but otherwise not too bad. He started pulling on his ear on Thursday evening and I took him to the doctor Friday afternoon. He has another ear infection. This is his 6th one since 2/2009. We have an appointment with an ENT in January who I am sure will talk about tubes...but we'll see. It was great to have my mom in town. She had all of these plans with friends and dropped everything to stay home with BBZ all day Thursday and 1/2 of Friday.

I am on vacation for 2 weeks! I had lots to do on Friday to get everything done for the break, and I got it all absolutely done. I can start 2010 with a brand new clean slate, and that feels amazing. Another awesome thing about my mom being in town is that she stayed home with BBZ after he went to sleep last night so N and I could do a little Christmas shopping. It's funny, we realized while we were out and about that we have never gone out shopping like this for him before. We always pick something up for him while we are out, but we never set out with the intention of buying was so fun! The only bad thing is how hard it is to find toys at Toys R Us. There seems to be no rhyme or reason where things are, so we circled around trying to find a few things we already knew we wanted. Plus it was crazy crowded, but we were anticipating that. We got him some very cool stuff and had a few beers afterwards!

So tonight we are just relaxing, drinking some wine and watching movies. BBZ really doesn't feel well and is showing it...poor baby. I know he is at least feeling better tonight than he was this morning, so hopefully he will have a nice peaceful night's rest. And me too!